Deals Case Studies: McLaughlin & Sons Oil & Water Hauling Ltd.

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McLaughlin & Sons Oil & Water Hauling Ltd.

has been acquired by

SCF Partners

vendor advised by


In anticipation of a challenging divestiture, McLaughlin & Sons needed a top M&A advisor to oversee the process. The client was in his late seventies, looking to retire, and the company was located in a remote area of northern Alberta.

PwC approach

Acting on a referral from a sub-debt provider in PricewaterhouseCoopers' network, PwC Corporate Finance actively oversaw multiple rounds of marketing, maintaining continual talks with potential purchasers until one of them had signed a letter of intent. This persistence paid off, since the successful party had originally passed on the deal but took a second look once the timing was right.

Client benefits

McLaughlin & Sons sold to SCF Partners, a Calgary based private equity group. The client appreciated both PwC's persistence and the successful outcome of the engagement.