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    Information is a valuable enterprise asset. A successful information management strategy involved designing effective interactions between processes, people and systems. As global IT trends shift from technology to information, it is increasingly important for organizations to take advantage of their business information assets. Our list of questions all boards and management teams should be asking when thinking about information management and Big Data in your organization is available for download. Learn more here.

    PwC helps organizations to design and implement the governance, polices, procedures, processes and supporting technologies required to manage, protect and leverage their information assets.

    Our unique Integrated Information Management Framework™ (IIMF) enables us to design and implement an information management strategy that simultaneously addresses your information management needs from a compliance, privacy, security, risk, tax, and business process perspective. Our broad expertise in information management and risk management enable us to develop pragmatic solutions to address your privacy, security, retention and compliance needs while making information available to support your business processes and provide the insight required to make informed decisions.

    How PwC can help

    Our typical information management services include:

    • Information strategy, architecture and governance: Selecting the right approach to information management to balance cost and risk; designing effective interactions between people, processes and systems; and putting the right people and accountability in place to execute and monitor compliance are as essential to information management as technology. We can guide you through the development of your information management strategy, architecture and governance leveraging our experience with leading practices and compliance requirements in your industry. We work with your team to develop a future-state vision and design the policies, processes, organizational support models and architecture required to meet that vision.
    • Enterprise data management/ enterprise data modeling: Our team has the specialist skill sets required to architect, improve and implement enterprise data management and enterprise data modeling. Using an enterprise architecture approach, we can develop the data models that describe structured data in your organization – for example what is a ‘customer’ – and how that data is used by your business. We can help you to plan, architect, procure and implement your enterprise data warehouse to leverage the data you already have. With our expertise in data architecture and leading data warehousing technologies, we can save you time and money by advising you of the technologies that best meet your needs.
    • Business intelligence and analytics: Creating business intelligence from your data requires an understanding of your business, your data and the technology used to store and analyze that data. PwC’s business and technology advisors can work with you to understand what business questions can be answered using your data and how to unlock the answers using the appropriate analytical and technical tools.
    • Enterprise content management: We can help you manage the complete lifecycle of unstructured information such as documents, records and online content through governance, policies, processes, procedures and technology. Managing the risk of unstructured information while harnessing the benefits of collaboration requires the broad set of expertise that PwC brings. This includes knowledge of legal, tax, e-discovery and regulatory requirements; leading document and records management practices; and how web content management and social media can be used to strengthen relationships with your customers and business partners.

    PricewaterhouseCoopers is an independent and objective advisor. You can be confident that our recommendations will be based on your needs and not on possible downstream software or hardware sales opportunities.

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