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    Byte by byte to the digital business model

    Digital transformation affects all industries. Taking steps that are not well thought out can be just as risky as not making any move at all. PwC will help you identify, and implement, the most appropriate options to connect all fields of strategy as well as all aspects of business.

    Social media, digital mobility and cloud computing

    Today's digital consumers interact with companies through a wide range of emerging technologies. This environment is having a dramatic impact on your business processes and customer relationships.

    Philip Grosch - Important FactorsPhilip Grosch, Cloud services: Important factors to consider
    Philip Grosch - Legacy ApplicationsPhilip Grosch, Integrating Legacy applications with cloud services
    Philip Grosch - Considerations for AdoptionPhilip Grosch, Considerations for the adoption of cloud services
    Philip Grosch - Enhancing Business ValuePhilip Grosch, Cloud computing: enhancing business value
    Darren Henderson - Digital transformation and it's impact on your organizationDarren Henderson, Digital transformation and it's impact on your organization
    Debbie Dimoff - Social platformsDebbie Dimoff, The evolution model for social media
    Debbie Dimoff - Co-creation on Social PlatformsDebbie Dimoff, Co-creation on social platforms
    Debbie Dimoff - The real value of social mediaDebbie Dimoff, The real value of social media
    Philip Grosch - Compelling advantages of cloud computingPhilip Grosch, Compelling advantages of cloud computing
    Philip Grosch - Why it's important to have a strategyPhilip Grosch, Why it's important to have a cloud strategy

    PwC Insights

    Seventh Annual Digital IQ survey
    Are you a Digital IQ Leader?

    Since 2007, our unique research has asked one simple question: What actions can leaders take to confirm their digital investments deliver and sustain value?
    PwC's Innovation Blueprint

    Innovation was once thought of as something in a far off galaxy you'd like to experience, but never thought possible. In today's world, however, innovation is something that can be planned, fostered and delivered upon. PwC's innovation blueprint helps everyone in your organization with a structured, step-by-step approach to achieving your business goals.
    Private Company Services
    Business Insights - Technology strategy

    Canada’s private company leaders have forecasted an aggressive growth rate of 7.6% and understand that technology is a means to get there. That said, only 20% of respondents are planning to invest in new technologies this year.
    The connected classroom - How Canadians see the evolution of education
    We asked 1,900 Canadians to give us their perspective on the state of education in Canada, and what they think the current system could look like. Their views are clear. They see digital education as a way to improve student outcomes and better prepare students for the future.
    Making Care Mobile

    Tens of thousands of mobile health applications are already available and this number grows every day. Some of these solutions have real value that can save patients and provider’s time and money and can even improve health care outcomes.
    Total Retail: Canadian customer expectations driving the next retail business model

    Today's consumers don't get excited about multichannel retail: They expect it. Convenient physical locations, websites that enable them to find and purchase products, a mobile site or app - these are now the price of entry for retailers.
    Gaming transformation – The digital player

    The world of gaming is changing for everyone and the player is at the heart of this change.
    There is massive opportunity for gaming companies, operators and regulators to interact. Leading to a fundamental change in the way the gaming experience is delivered.
    Cyber Resilience
    Secure in a cyber world

    The opportunities created by the Internet are far from risk-free. For organizations this means a change in the overall approach towards cyber security is needed.


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