Digital Innovation

    Nearly every organization lays claim to being a digital enterprise, but only a minority are truly there. Organizations with high levels of what we call 'Digital IQ' understand, value and weave technology throughout their enterprise and are more than twice as likely to be top-performing companies in revenue growth, profitability and innovation. When implemented as a business discipline tied to growth, innovation allows businesses mature twice as fast as their competition. Organizations that use a more structured approach to innovation and have a more diverse set of collaborators are able to harness a greater number of ideas and see them through to implementation.

    5 digital behaviours

    Companies that demonstrate five interdependent digital behaviours drive value from their digital investments and alter business models to capture new markets.

    CEO actively champions digital
    Strong CIO-CMO relationship
    "Outside in" approach to digital innovation
    Significant New IT Platform investment
    View digital as an enterprise

    Innovation- What’s the formula?

    Innovation as a driver for growth PwC's Innovation Blueprint


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