Cybersecurity & privacy

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Cyber threats are more aggressive, more unrelenting, and more effective than ever. Canadian CEOs identify cyber threats as the top business threat to business growth (see our 2016 Global CEO Survey). As a response, and according to the most recent Global State of Information Security Survey, Canadian companies and their global peers are rethinking their cybersecurity strategies and adopting new tools and practices to support their efforts. However, cybersecurity is a moving target. To effectively protect their operations and shareholder value from cyberattacks, organizations need to continuously keep pace with cyber risks and regard cybersecurity as a business imperative, not only an IT issue.

Our Cybersecurity & Privacy team consists of subject matters experts from various disciplines who can help you through every stage of your cybersecurity strategy. From envisioning your cybersecurity program, to protecting your ’crown jewels”, to establishing trust throughout your organization’s digital ecosystem.


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Envision the right risk strategy & governance

  • Strategy, governance & management
  • Security program & organizational change management
  • Cyber enterprise risk management
  • Board advisory & cyber resiliency
  • Value under risk mitigation


Securely transforming the digital future

  • Digital identity
  • Security architecture services
  • Emerging trends & innovation
  • Cyber operations & analytics


Intelligently protect what matters

  • Threat scenario modelling & simulation
  • Asset, supply chain & information protection
  • Threat, intelligence & vulnerability management
  • Physical security & social engineering


Respond effectively in times of need

  • Breach, incident & crisis management
  • Business continuity management & disaster recovery
  • Digital forensics & discovery, investigation
  • Social media intelligence & investigations
  • Financial crimes prevention & management


Establish trust throughout your digital ecosystem

  • Risk & compliance management
  • Privacy management
  • Attestation & certification
  • Third party & vendor risk management
  • Investigative analytics

PwC helps clients to:

Boards and executive management are tasked with sustainable growth in a rapidly changing business landscape. On one hand, new opportunities are arising as products, markets, channels and business models are enabled by technology, but as a result, new risks are being introduced. PwC helps leaders secure the necessary risk intelligence to safely capture and sustain value through business transformation while balancing risk and reward.

Cyber attacks and incidents often result in adverse impacts on brand, reputation, compliance, operational and financial integrity. Understanding how to build cyber resiliency is critical in managing these events. We bring a wealth of experience in defining a clear and practical strategy to help organizations identify and protect what’s most important. We’ll help you become threat aware, build and operate robust enterprise infrastructure, implement process and technology defenses and monitor your environment which will mean you’ll be prepared to act decisively.

Security must and should be the foundation for transformative and value added services in the digital age. To do this, business leaders need to enhance the effectiveness and cost management of an increasingly complex and demanding regulatory compliance landscape. Supporting risk executives, we deliver effective risk-management programs through strategic vision, effective governance, tangible cost/benefit analysis and competent execution of initiatives. Our approach positively influences business constituents and drives change.

At times there’s a disconnect between strategy and execution. We’re uniquely positioned to develop a measurable and achievable plan that delivers benefits towards a sustainable program. We specialize in complex threat intelligence platforms, risk governance, and data leakage protection.

Digital mobility, third-party collaboration and multi-party supply chains increase your ‘attack surface’ and make your systems, processes, products and organizations vulnerable to infiltration or compromise. Regulatory compliance just isn’t enough. To limit the misuse of information, physical tampering, crime or theft of intellectual property we help businesses understand the full spectrum of threats to address key risks holistically in an end-to-end cyber security program.

Current and emerging threat environment