Physical Security Services

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Resilient solutions for securing and protecting business assets

Protecting your organization's assets is an ongoing and perpetually changing business issue that requires the right people, processes and technologies. Unfortunately, most businesses have neither the time nor the experience needed to adequately plan for extreme events.

How can PwC help?
PricewaterhouseCoopers' (PwC) unique business experience has allowed us to develop a comprehensive view of security. Our approach not only incorporates the concepts of control and risk management that have been the foundation of the practice since its inception, but also builds on them.

To maintain our leading position in the industry, we have developed a framework that describes our point of view on end-to-end security. This framework divides security into a series of detailed processes that demonstrate how it adds value to the enterprise. We call this framework the Enterprise Security Business Model (ESBM). This model provides a common language and approach for thinking about and discussing security.

Our integrated and enhanced services include:

Security Assessment
Our dedicated practitioners have extensive experience conducting Threat Risk Assessments (TRA) and our methodology has been adopted by a number of public sector ministries and global organizations. We will conduct a thorough assessment of your organization's risks based on our broad range of experience working with clients in both the public and private sectors.

Security Strategy and Planning
We will help your organization determine its current security posture, envision a future state and create an efficient plan to achieve this future state. We provide experienced consultants who will work closely with you to help deliver:

  • A security strategy and vision
  • A security road map and maturity plans
  • Strategic and tactical security plans
  • Security management education
  • Security governance assistance

Security Training
Our team will work with your organization to transfer critical knowledge and skills to your key personnel, enabling them to implement your unique security plan in the event of an emergency. Most of our instructors have police and/or military backgrounds as well as real-world experience in implementing security plans. In addition, our methodologies and tools have been refined by working with numerous public and private sector clients where we have consistently demonstrated our ability to deliver practical and relevant training programs.

Security Testing
Once your security plan is in place, we can regularly test it for any hidden vulnerabilities. Since threats are evolving all the time, your plan needs to evolve as well.

Contact us to discuss your unique security concerns.