Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

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Developing effective crisis and disaster response

Surviving a crisis and ensuring sustainable operations is a key corporate strategic objective. Those responsible for management during emergency situations need to count on proven solutions.

Recent experience with disruptive events such as natural disasters, pandemics, and terrorist attacks has shown that some companies did not have adequate crisis management capabilities, and as a result did not survive. Boards and other stakeholders are focused on this issue more than ever and are demanding that management address this important risk. Failure to plan, train, and test preparedness for the possibility of emergency situations may result in serious injuries, or worse. The destruction of property and facilities, litigation, lost market share, and damaged corporate reputation can result in long-term effects on the financial and business health of the company.

How can PwC help?

PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) risk and resilience methodology incorporates all of the policies, procedures and plans necessary to implement an infrastructure that will allow you to anticipate crisis situations, and where prevention is not possible, to manage and facilitate a swift response.

Our methodology is designed to build operational resiliency by:

  • Ensuring the safety of employees and customers
  • Maximizing the security of physical assets
  • Mitigating significant risks
  • Permitting the recovery of critical business
  • Empowering key roles to seize opportunity
  • Bolstering critical roles with alternate resources
  • Integrating business continuity and security with connecting and complementary governance processes

Our practitioners are accredited risk and resilience professionals and have the required experience and technical skills to meet client needs.

Our specific services include:

Risk and Vulnerability Assessments
An appreciation of threats, vulnerabilities and risks will influence how, when and where you do business. Failure to account for these risks in planning can lead to unnecessary costs and disruption. We can help you identify, assess and analyze the risks and issues that could affect your organization during a crisis and enhance your ability to effectively conduct operations.

Emergency Response Planning
The most dynamic reaction to an event is executed before decision makers are informed. We can help you develop a plan that ensures clear and concise corporate directives are supplied to all staff who might be threatened from within or without. Floor warden programs, evacuation plans, disability evacuation, notification protocols, and assembly points should all be part of your comprehensive plan to protect and safeguard your customers and employees.

Business Impact Analysis and Strategy
Our practitioners work with your personnel to determine which business processes are critical to the ongoing viability of your organization. We measure the impact of a loss in qualitative and quantitative metrics to determine which resources are truly required to achieve continuity.

Crisis and Communication Planning
We can help you develop a crisis management team and plan which will guide the enterprise-wide response to an event through a clear chain of command and determine the internal and external communications for the organization.

Business Unit Continuity Planning
Our practitioners work with your personnel to document instructive recovery plans for critical processes. Utilizing existing documentation and information sources, each plan is a unique collection of actions and facts that will best serve your business needs.

IT Disaster Recovery Planning
Our practitioners work with your key management and technical personnel to develop comprehensive recovery plans. Through a series of facilitated workshops and assignments, a customized set of instructions, information and procedures is assembled and readied for exercise.

Testing and Maintenance Programs
Progressive and component testing is essential to the growth of a business continuity program to maturity. Our practitioners can help you conduct training and testing in a simulated environment which will boost the confidence of your people and increase the likelihood of a calm and controlled response to a business disruption. During this testing, we document gaps and errors and direct solutions for modifying your plan.

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