Enterprise Risk Management

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Maintaining operational excellence for long-term success

In today's business climate, managing risk is no longer an exercise reserved strictly for extreme events and unforeseen circumstances. It has now become a vital and permanent component of an organization's long-term strategy. Having sound Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) in place can directly influence the long-term profitability and sustainability of your business.

ERM touches many aspects of your company: it impacts the value and resiliency of your customer service; it prepares you for unexpected events such as blackouts, pandemics and natural disasters; and, as of 2008, ERM plays a key role in the credit rating your company can receive from Standard and Poor (S&P).

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) can develop a detailed ERM program to help you manage a range of uncertainties to achieve long-term resiliency. When ERM is embedded into day-to-day activities, every level of your organization is better equipped to manage the risks that can affect your ability to achieve business goals.

How can PwC help?

From the perspective of extreme or unforeseen events, PwC can help you to plan to recover in-house functions, customer interfaces, your company's reputation and brand by aligning your tactical, operational and strategic plans; this will help your plans to meet your organization's overall objectives and business goals. We can also incorporate both business response and business recovery components into continuity plans to help you respond efficiently to an extreme event.

Our professionals can identify and streamline critical processes to help enhance profitability, improve performance and drive down cost. This approach will not only protect your company from an extreme event but will also positively impact your business during normal operations.

In terms of your credit worthiness, we have tailored ERM methodologies to specifically prepare your company for analysis and rating by S&P. We have developed a Risk Snapshot as a way of providing a starting point for enterprise-wide risk assessment, and we are also thought leaders in corporate governance, risk and compliance with a global network of world-class advisory talent.

We offer the following benefits:

First-hand knowledge — We work with leading firms around the world and have acquired significant knowledge of best practices across companies, industries and borders.

Global experience, proven success — We have helped numerous organizations around the world develop and implement ERM and business continuity plans that have worked as expected in real-life situations.

Vendor independence — We will recommend solutions based solely on what is best for you since we have no stake in specific products and vendors.

End-to-end solutions — Our services and know-how can ensure the strength of every aspect of your plan.

A thorough and intelligent risk management program will assist you in meeting your business priorities and enable you to:

  • Better protect your employees;
  • Provide sustained customer service designed to exceed customer expectations
  • Avoid devastating revenue losses and erosion of shareholder value
  • Preserve and enhance your company's brand and reputation
  • Comply with regulatory requirements and fiduciary responsibilities
  • Conserve budget dollars through priority-based planning and sound strategy decisions
  • Secure your vendor supply chain and business partner programs
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your key processes

With our help, you can gain the confidence of knowing your organization is better prepared to manage and prosper through a wide range of threats. We can also help to ensure that your business is a safer, more reliable investment in the eyes of S&P, thus strengthening your credibility and ability to finance your business through debt or equity.

Contact us to discuss your unique enterprise risk management concerns.