Solving business problems with game-based design

What is it about games that people enjoy so much? Whether it's the engagement, the motivation, or the challenge, businesses have begun to take notice. Solving business problems with game-based design, the new issue of the Technology Forecast , looks at the wide range of game design techniques that can be used in non-game environments for business benefit, including motivating customers and employees and raising their levels of engagement.

This issue includes three features:

  • "The game-based redesign of business" examines how video game techniques are now being used in business to engage and motivate the workforce and inspire customers.
  • "Improving the customer and employee experience with gaming technology" explains how many gamification technologies integrate primarily at the user experience level.
  • "Getting past the hype of gamification," explains our point of view that CIOs who dismiss gamification opportunities may forego some very tangible benefits.

The issue also includes interviews with people in the field who show a blend of pragmatism and vision:

  • Bryan Neider senior vice president and CIO of EA Labels, the main game publishing arm of Electronic Arts
  • Bill Fulton of Ronin User Experience (who started and led Microsoft Game Studio’s user research group)
  • Ari Lightman, CIO Institute director and distinguished service professor at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Milt Riseman, former chairman and CEO of Advanta Mortgage