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6th Annual Digital IQ Survey — Canadian Insights

Nearly every organization lays claim to being a digital enterprise, but our 6th annual spot check on the digital health of organizations around the globe and in Canada revealed that only a minority are truly there. Organizations with high levels of what we call ‘Digital IQ’ understand, value and weave technology throughout their enterprise and are more than twice as likely to be top-performing companies in revenue growth, profitability and innovation. Our survey analyzes perspectives of both business and IT executives to identify the actions and investments that are integral in high-performing digital enterprises today. Companies that demonstrate five interdependent digital behaviours drive value from their digital investments and alter business models to capture new markets.

Digital IQ: Canadian Insights

Ramp Up Your Digital IQ - 6th Annual Digital IQ Survey
For the first time, Canadian business and IT executives participated in the 6th annual Digital IQ survey. Our findings show that while Canadian companies have strong ‘Digital IQ’ - there’s a gap between knowing and doing.

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