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Insights on current issues affecting the health care industry
Insights on current issues affecting the health care industry

The devil is in the details: Current and emerging tax issues for insurance companies
During this Insurance EyeOpener we provided tips and strategies in dealing with the CRA on current tax issues and future developments, within the insurance industry.

Retail Valuations Newsletter Q1 2015
TEV/EBITDA multiples for the North American retail sector in Q1 2015 remained stable with an average multiple of 9.5x. The TEV/EBITDA multiples for the Canadian retail sector averaged at 10.9x, based on 24 companies.

Fresh insights - Cashing out? Start tax planning now to get the most value
PwC’s Retail and Consumer— Food and Beverage practice provides industry-focused assurance, tax and consulting services to enhance value for food and beverage manufactures and retailers.

2015 Saratoga Canada Metric List - PwC Saratoga Human Capital Effectiveness Survey (HCES)
PwC Saratoga holds one of the world’s largest and most robust databases of people and functional performance metrics, with benchmark information from over 2,600 international organizations.

Predictive financial modelling for oil and gas investments: How do you quantify project uncertainty?
When evaluating a potential investment in the sector, it is critical for prospective investors to have a firm understanding of the risks/volatility of key variables, how these impact key project metrics and whether there is an opportunity to mitigate these risks.

Turning disruption to your advantage
Insurance CEOs believe that new regulation, increasing competition, technological developments around service provision, and changes in distribution will have more of a disruptive impact over the next five years.

Forensic lab: The credibility and independence you need—from boardroom to courtroom
Our forensic technology team helps lawyers like you to confidently augment your practice and take on larger cases.

Data breaches can come from anywhere and require a rapid initial response to investigate and contain the situation, as well as a remediation plan.

Retail Valuations – Snapshot Q4 2014
TEV/EBITDA multiples for the North American retail sector in Q4 2014 increased with an average multiple of 9.5x.

Business Analytics: A new way of thinking: Using agile analytics to drive business intelligence
Our client wanted to determine whether an agile analytics approach to business intelligence could help them drive business value.

Power & Renewables Deals: 2015 outlook and 2014 review
Our 2015 Power and Renewables Deals outlook is the latest in our annual series in which we look at mergers and acquisitions activity in the power utilities sector.

CFO Agenda issue 10: Moving to the cloud: CFOs may experience some pain moving to the cloud, but the gain will make it well worth it
We take a closer look at cloud computing and what it will mean to CFOs and the finance function.

Protecting what matters most: Cyber resilience in the insurance industry
This Insurance EyeOpener - Protecting what matters most: Cyber resilience in the insurance industry highlights the risks posed by cyber threats facing the insurance industry, and key actions and recommendations for resilience.

Energy Services Innovation: Transforming a continent's hydrocarbon supply
The upstream petroleum services sector has assumed a significantly expanded role in the oil and gas industry in recent years.

Facing a downturn: A sustainable response to falling oil prices
Our three-phase approach to sustainable cost reduction focuses on strategy, rapid analysis and interventions.

PwC’s 2014 Global Economic Crime Survey — Automotive
Our 2014 PwC Global Economic Crime Survey reinforces that despite the efforts of organizations, regulators, law enforcement and antifraud practitioners, economic crime stubbornly persists.

PwC’s 2014 Global Economic Crime Survey — Energy, Utilities and Mining
Our 2014 PwC Global Economic Crime Survey reinforces that despite the efforts of organizations, regulators, law enforcement and antifraud practitioners, economic crime stubbornly persists.

PwC’s 2014 Global Economic Crime Survey — Engineering and Construction
Our 2014 PwC Global Economic Crime Survey reinforces that despite the efforts of organizations, regulators, law enforcement and antifraud practitioners, economic crime stubbornly persists.

Cybersecurity: Power and utilities organizations at risk in an interconnected world
Cybersecurity for power and utility organizations extends beyond IT and security professionals into the responsibility of the C-suite, boardroom and beyond.

PwC SR&Ed Update with Bob Singh, Greg Garland and Mel Machado
Developments related to the Canadian Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Incentive Program.

Changing the game: The new face of customer experience
If we look at buying behaviours, customers across generations are starting to think like that and disrupters have taken note. The question is: Are you prepared?

IFRS: Where have we come from? Where are we now? Where are we going?
Having survived the challenges of adopting IFRS in the interim financial statements of the funds, we now look forward to the future to determine our next steps.

Enterprise risk management: Evaluating your company's risk appetite and risk tolerance
This “Insurance EyeOpener: Enterprise risk management: Evaluating your company's risk appetite and risk tolerance” provides an overview on the ins and outs of risk management.

Retail Valuations – Snapshot Q3 2014
TEV/EBITDA multiples for the North Americanretail sector in Q3 2014 remained stable with an average multiple of 8.9x whereas the TEV/EBITDA multiples for the Canadianretail sector increased to a 10.6x multiple.

PwC's Global Data & Analytics Survey 2014: Big Decisions (Utilities)
Decision making in power and utilities companies is changing as a result of data and analytics.

Business Analytics: Leveraging data, and knowing where to start
Our client was able to quickly resolve a long list of system exceptions and address a sticky issue that was having a negative impact on their relationship with service providers.

Business Analytics: Simplifying a complicated process
Our client needed a business intelligence (BI) solution so they could develop a real estate market analysis tool and import data from existing databases to summarize and analyze.

Business Analytics: Using data analytics to better predict the future
Our client—a financial institution that provides outsourcing services related to payments—needed help to better understand and project daily cash flow and reserves to achieve the best return on payment activities.

Making data analytics work: CFOs are keen to exploit the potential of data analytics – but are their organizations prepared?
Many CFOs are looking to data analytics as a way to meet the increasing expectations place on their role.

Cultural Awareness Counts for Turnaround Success
Learn how your chances of coming out ahead are greatly improved by knowing who you’re dealing with and how they play the game, and then developing plans that respond to those challenges.

Conservation First
The Ontario government has introduced the Conservation First Framework, a six-year plan designed to reduce electricity consumption by 7 terawatt-hours (TWh) by December 31, 2020.

Retail Valuations – Snapshot Q2 2014
TEV/EBITDA multiples for the North American retail sector in Q2 2014 remained high.

CFO Agenda Issue 8: Getting to the bottom line: Controlling spending and reducing deficits in the public sector
As Canada’s federal and provincial governments strive to control spending and reduce budget deficits, the role of public sector CFOs1 has changed.

Insurance Modernization: The broad business impact
Proposals by the IASB and FASB for insurance contract accounting, regulatory developments and G-SII and non-banking SIFI designations, are compelling insurance companies to re-evaluate all aspects of their business model and operations.

Dealing in Emerging Markets: Expanding in emerging markets demands a careful touch, but the rewards far outweigh the risks
Expanding in emerging markets demands a careful touch, but the rewards far outweigh the risks.

Top 10 questions directors need to ask about the fair share of tax debate
How the fair share of tax debate is heating up in Canada for multinational corporations.

Mining in Québec: the post-election outlook
Mining is important in Québec. The sector employs over 15,000 people directly and probably the same again indirectly.

PwC strengthens its Health Industries Consulting services through a joint business relationship with Systemgroup
PwC Canada is pleased to announce the joint business relationship with Systemgroup, a team of technology consultants specialized in developing and integrating customized software solutions.

Retail Valuations – Snapshot Q1 2014
After four consecutive quarter-over-quarter increases in TEV/EBITDA, the North American retail sector valuation multiples were flat in Q1 2014.

Expropriation-related tax issues: A case study in how to stay ahead
We invite you to read this case study that discusses the tax implications related to an expropriation from a high level, with a focus on common elements that are involved in an expropriation.

Guide to going public in Canada
Our IPO Services team brings together professionals with the skills and industry expertise to help you actually ‘go public.’

High profits, high stakes: The future of insurance companies in wealth management
This Insurance EyeOpener High profits, high stakes: The future of insurance companies in wealth management discusses the issues insurers will need to evaluate their strategy.

Bridging the generation gap - What directors need to know about managing a multi-generational workforce
Around the world, companies are experiencing a dramatic change in the makeup of their employees and their corporate culture.

CFO Agenda Issue 7: SAP on the fast track — Implementing SAP enterprise software under a time crunch
Today’s progressive CFO is often at the centre of everything that happens in an organization — especially in small and medium-sized companies.

Building trust in the supply chain
Our client was able to build trust in its existing supply chain and realize a $30 million cost-avoidance with the help of a new inventory management model.

Operations: Transforming the payroll function
Our client was able to meet an aggressive mandate to consolidate and centralize payroll services using a completely new delivery model.

Supply Chain: Building trust in the supply chain
Our client was able to build trust in its existing supply chain and realize a $30 million cost-avoidance with the help of a new inventory management model.

Transforming the payroll function
Our client was able to meet an aggressive mandate to consolidate and centralize payroll services using a completely new delivery model.

Top 10 questions to ask about the multi-generational workforce and Millennials at work
Our list of questions to ask about the multi-generational workforce and Millennials at work is available for download.

M&A disputes – striking a balance
The ink is dry, the closing party’s over, the seller’s cashing the cheque and the buyer’s got his prize. Everybody is happy—or are they?

Retail Valuations – Snapshot Q4 2013
The North American retail sector showed continued momentum with a fourth consecutive quarter-over-quarter increase in TEV/EBITDA.

Ramp up your digital IQ: PwC’s 6th Annual Digital IQ Survey – Canadian Insights
Nearly every organization lays claim to being a digital enterprise, but our 6th annual spot check on the digital health of organizations around the globe and in Canada revealed that only a minority are truly there.

CFO Agenda Issue 6: Talent scouting – Finding and developing the right people to deliver high value from finance
The shortage of finance talent is a source of endless frustration for today’s CFOs.

Webcast: Challenges for Canadian innovation - Are we keeping pace globally?
This Insurance Club EyeOpener, Challenges for Canadian innovation - Are we keeping pace globally?, discussed key areas of focus for Canadian insurers, such as leadership, operations and support structure.

Developing and improving high performing finance functions
Today’s CFOs are faced with a complex, constantly changing business environment in which their finance organizations are pressured to provide accurate, reliable and insightful information faster and more efficiently.

Innovation champions: How CFOs can keep companies vital
According to PwC, faculty at Wharton and top-performing finance executives, embracing innovation requires monitoring risk closely without smothering ideas.

Retail Valuations – Snapshot Q3 2013
This publication gives you a snapshot of valuation metrics and the performance of the Canadian retail companies in the third quarter of 2013.

The power of data: How information management will transform business — What directors need to know about Big Data, analytics and the evolution of information
While the concept of Big Data is not new, the massive volumes of information and the sophisticated tools to organize, manage, and analyze it are and the implications for those charged with oversight are significant.

Canadian Insights - 2013 Global Innovation Survey
1,707 executives from around the globe agree that innovation is not just key, it’s essential to staying relevant and competitive in an evolving global market.

Top 10 questions to ask about information management and Big Data
Our list of questions boards and management teams should be asking when thinking about information management and Big Data in your organization is available for download.

PwC Capital Markets Flash — Q4 2014
Big deals dominate as transaction value continues to rise in Q3 Deals down slightly in volume from Q2, but up in value

Webcast: Insurance Contracts – IFRS 4 Revised Exposure Draft
This Insurance Club EyeOpener IFRS 4 Revised Exposure Draft examines how the requirements in the measurement model fit together and how the proposed standard will impact their financial statements.

Top six questions directors should ask about conflict minerals
Have your board and management considered and addressed the risks related to conflict mineral reporting? Learn what questions need to be asked now to be prepared for the new rule.

CFO Agenda Issue 5: Improving capital management — How CFOs can help capital projects stay on track
The successful execution of major capital projects is a critical business activity for companies in asset-intensive sectors such as mining, oil and gas, energy, manufacturing and transportation.

2013??????????????? (2013 Energy Visions post-summary report: Chinese version)

Energy Visions business forum 2013 - Post-event summary report
PwC conducted an audience poll during the 2013 Energy Visions Event. Read this report for more insight into what industry players thought on topics related to the oil and gas industry.

Top 10 questions to ask about bribery and corruption
Anti-bribery and corruption (AB&C) has become a focus of Canadian law enforcement and, as a result, for Canadian residents and organizations doing business in foreign jurisdictions.

Sustainable growth: PwC Canada Forest, Paper and Packaging Practice Capability Statement 2013
PwC is an active participant in the forest and paper industry, contributing knowledge and experience gained from our long association with many of the industry’s leading companies.

Fairness opinion: What seems fair sometimes isn’t
These days, few deals of any size in Canada are completed without a fairness opinion. But fairness opinions from advisors with a conflict of interest can prove troublesome and invite criticism.

Webinar: 2013 State of the Internal Audit Profession Study
The overwhelming opinion of 1,700 global internal audit professionals and stakeholders participating in the 9th annual PwC State of the Internal Audit Profession Study is that internal audit must significantly improve its performance.

Unlocking Potential: Finance effectiveness benchmark study 2013
Unlocking Potential: Finance effectiveness benchmark study 2013 is PwC’s fifth annual benchmark report which outlines the latest findings of our analysis of more than 200 companies that have participated in benchmarking projects.

PwC’s 5th Annual Digital IQ Survey – Digital conversations and the C-Suite
PwC’s 5th annual Digital IQ study clearly shows that strong executive leadership and collaboration are crucial to building lasting value from information technology

Finance Transformation: A Lean approach to increase value
At its heart, Lean is an operating philosophy focused on creating customer value—in simple terms Lean is about doing more of the right tasks with less wasted effort.

The emerging benefits of electronic medical record use in community-based care
This PwC-Canada Health Infoway study assesses the effects of EMR use by physicians and specialists, and their clinical and admin teams in private offices or clinics, community clinics and community health centres, and walk-in clinics.

The future of health care in Canada: A conversation with Ontario Telemedicine Network’s CEO Dr. Ed Brown
OTN’s Dr. Ed Brown and PwC’s Healthcare Services leader Will Falk discuss innovation and new processes in the health care system.

CFO Agenda Issue 4: Achieving deal value
Today’s CFO acts as an important advisor to both the CEO and the board in offering a clear-eyed assessment of the financial and value implications behind business decisions.

Webcast: Navigating the regulatory matrix - OSFI Corporate Governance Guidelines
Despite the fact that Canadian insurance companies have not experienced many of the same issues as their global counterparts, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) remains focused on continuously improving corporate governance practices.

Top 10 questions directors should ask about cloud computing
Cloud computing provides businesses with many advantages such as increased efficiency and reduced IT costs. The move to the cloud also brings numerous considerations audit committees and management need to address.

2015 State of the Internal Audit Profession Study
Our 2015 state of the Internal Audit Profession Study suggest that external drivers of change are influencing how internal audit should evolve to maintain its relevance.

2015 State of the Internal Audit Profession Study
Our 2015 state of the Internal Audit Profession Study suggest that external drivers of change are influencing how internal audit should evolve to maintain its relevance.

Cleaning up corruption: Why anti-corruption compliance is now on the C-suite radar
In recent years, risks around bribery and corruption have risen as prime concerns among business leaders in part due to enforcement trends that include a greater focus on the prosecution of individuals.

Assuring success in large business programs
The resilience, reputation and value of a company can be positively influenced by successful transformation projects.

Powering your decisions: Insight and services to support your business
We develop thought leadership tailored to utilities professionals across Canada to keep you informed on industry activity, issues and trends.

Webinar – Cultivating innovation
Is innovation the last real competitive advantage? Today, ideas matter more than ever — ideas for new products, services, market opportunities and business models.

CFO Agenda Issue 3: Linking risk and performance
CFOs now need to take a holistic approach and integrate risk and performance management to create a competitive advantage and differentiator for their organizations.

The high-performance CFO
What does it take for CFOs to excel today? With the global economy struggling to regain its footing, finance chiefs face very different challenges from the ones they confronted just a few years ago.

Demystifying the online shopper: 10 myths of multi-channel retailing
New technologies, global access, enhanced mobility, social media: each of these has had a profound impact on how consumers gather information and make purchase decisions.

Part II: Tax Update for Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs)
This article is a follow up to the 2010 Tax Alert for Non-Profit Organizations.

Eurasia Group Global Trends Quarterly - First Quarter 2013
As governments and activists seek to address corruption in resource-rich countries, there is significant controversy surrounding efforts to require mandatory disclosure of payments and mineral purchases by companies.

Regulatory reform and the role of internal audit
As institutions begin executing their implementation plans, internal audit has a unique opportunity.

Insights from Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2013: Canada’s continuing equilibrium
In a world struggling to manage unprecedented debt levels and economic upheaval, Canada enjoys a stable real estate economy.

Solving business problems with game-based design
What is it about games that people enjoy so much? Whether it's the engagement, the motivation, or the challenge, businesses have begun to take notice.

Citizen Compass: Creating the dialogue to shape Canada's future through citizen engagement
Our goal is to help governments and the health care industry set citizen-centred service delivery standards for the future by asking Canadians for feedback.

Asset management: Powering your journey to success
The power and utilities industry is facing seismic transformation at a pace and to an extent that’ is unprecedented - pushing leaders to examine their business models and implement change programs to respond to these trends.

Combating cost escalation: Reducing costs and improving operational performance
With today’s uncertain markets, cost containment is an important strategy for increasing cash flow, creating a competitive advantage and driving shareholder value.

Building on strength: Perspectives on the Canadian banking industry
In this publication, we review the past and analyze how the Canadian banking system has developed, the impact emerging issues has on results such as regulatory capital and return on shareholders’ equity today.

Webinar: Cyber attack, is your board prepared?
Recent high profile cyber attacks have made it clear that no one is immune to them. The world is changing, and so are the threats companies will need to consider.

10 minutes on social media with Richard Levick and Catherine Bromilow
Catherine Bromilow, Partner, Center for Board Governance, PwC (US) and Richard Levick, President & CEO, Levick Strategic Communications, discuss the impact social media has on businesses and audit committees.

Driving high-performing shared services and outsourcing - Using the power of your people to effectively manage change
When change and talent management professionals collaborate with company leadership to focus on key success factors, positive things start to happen.

Audit Committees and Social Media - Videos from our October 11 session in Toronto
On October 11, 2012, leading experts explored social media and the unique risks, opportunities and uncertainties that it brings to audit committees and the companies they oversee.

Webcast: Getting it right – Becoming consumer-centric
Most insurance companies are looking to become more customer-centric, but what does being 'customer-centric' really mean?

Engaged communities, thriving business
Using a community impact sustainability strategy to engage stakeholders, build community support and achieve your project’s long-term objectives.

Marketing Goes Local: Strategy Talks podcast series
Digital and mobile delivery platforms are allowing businesses greater than ever access to their consumers. PwC’s Aurelie Olives and David Peres, Chief Marketing Officer, ADCentricity Inc. discuss this new trend and how businesses can fully utilize it.

Power & Utilities Risk Forum
PwC’s Power & Utilities Risk Forum is a bi-monthly forum that brings together risk leaders in the utilities industry to discuss enterprise risk management, governance and compliance.

CFOs: Opportunities and roles in the cloud - Five questions you should ask
Cloud computing can reduce IT and business costs, and it is fast becoming a powerful means for growth.

Re-energizing Finance: The Organization Challenge
Whatever the size of their teams, the onus is on CFOs today to leverage every part of the finance organization to deliver value beyond traditional transaction processing and control.

Webinar: Leveraging innovation to transform your business
In this webinar we discuss who is investing in innovation and why, and how it can enable your business transformation.

Forensic eye opener: Exploring today's hottest issues in economic crime — Summer 2013
This newsletter is designed to introduce our Forensic Services leadership team and provide insight into current issues in the marketplace that are important to you.

Cultivating innovation: What’s the formula? The innovation master plan framework
Learn five actions you can take at your company to cultivate innovation.

Change brings opportunities - Turn sustainability into your competitive advantage
We work with you to create sustainable business value by evaluating the entire sustainability picture. This brochure offers information on how we can help your organization develop or improve strategies for a sustainable future.

CFO Agenda Issue 2 - Planning ahead for agility and accuracy
Issue 2 of PwC’s CFO Agenda explores some new strategies for CFOs, including delving into the changing mindset towards financial planning and the importance of robust forecasting.

Watch and listen: Value Driver Modelling
Watch our video on the performance management and predictive capabilities of Value Driver Modelling to learn how leading mining companies can deliver sustainable cost reduction by proactively responding to market volatility.

Global Economic Crime Survey — How cybercrime impacts business: Strategy Talks podcast series
In this episode of Strategy Talks, Sarah MacGregor and Krista Mooney discuss PwC’s Global Economic Crime Survey and what organizations can do to detect and prevent cybercrime.

Americas School of Mines - Join us in Lima, Peru May 19-21, 2015
Think of School of Mines as a crash course in the latest developments impacting the mining industry.

Strategic Management practice
As one of the leading management consulting service practices based in Québec, we can help align your business strategy with your human dimensions.

Webcast: Insurance M&A - Eat or be eaten?
This Insurance Club EyeOpener session discusses our perspectives and experience with insurance M&As, what to expect for 2012 and key considerations for insurance dealmakers.

Webinar: Internal Audit’s role in monitoring and managing critical risks – An Audit Committee perspective
This webinar, first released in June 12 and moderated by PwC’s David Forster, discusses the results of the 2012 State of Internal Audit Profession Study.

Multi-generational workforce performance - Canadian Banks: Strategy Talks podcast series
In this episode of Strategy Talks, guest Karen Forward a director in PwC’s People and Change practice discusses workforce composition and performance in the Canadian banking sector.

Canadian business perspectives on the governance of entrerprise IT and Company size matters: Strategy Talks podcast series
In this episode of Strategy Talks, Gert du Preez discusses his findings from two PwC reports, Canadian business perspectives on the governance of enterprise IT (GEIT), regarding what Canadian organizations need to focus on in their IT governance. In addition, he discusses findings from the Company Size matters report on small versus large businesses and the governance of enterprise IT.

The Global Status Report on the Governance of Enterprise IT: Strategy Talks podcast series
In this episode of Strategy Talks, Gert du Preez and Marc De Pauw discuss the findings from the 4th edition of the Governance Institute’s Global Status Report on the Governance of Enterprise IT (GEIT).

The top 10 issues faced by senior finance executives
The following brochure discusses the top 10 issues keeping finance executive awake at night and who at PwC can help your organization improve your finance effectiveness.

Anti-Corruption Enforcement: The Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act: Strategy Talks podcast series
In this episode of Strategy Talks, H. Ray Haywood discusses the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act and what organizations can do to ensure they don't violate anti-corruption laws.

Audit committees – tomorrow and beyond: Global regulatory trends
This summary sets out the highlights of an April 2012 briefing on global regulatory initiatives, the results of polling of the 45 directors attending, and our perspectives on those results.

Top 10 questions directors should ask re: social media
Directors particularly need to understand the social media issues and opportunities facing their organization, and more importantly ask management the right questions.

Webcast: State of the internal audit profession study
The following is a webcast discussing the results of the 2012 State of the internal audit profession study, originally held on April 16.

Growth through adaptation: Canadian CEOs focused on sustainable change
Our 15th Annual Global CEO Survey suggests that Canadian CEOs are more focused on long-term change than their global counterparts. Canadian CEOs have a more strategic focus.

Setting the stage through innovation: Retail trends report
In the wake of depressed consumer spending, retailers are reassessing their strategic priorities and mobilizing to adapt and respond to the ongoing market changes.

Creating value through industry experience: Canadian energy statement of capabilities
PwC helps Energy companies confront the industry's most challenging issues by developing effective solutions and strategies.

Free Markets Versus State Capitalism in Oil and Gas
Over the last decade, state-owned national oil companies (NOCs) have become increasingly important in the global oil and gas sectors. Their rise is also a key part of the trend toward state capitalism in many emerging markets.

CFO Agenda Issue 1: Transforming performance - Powering an effective organization
The first article in the CFO Agenda series looks at how obtaining and analyzing the right information lies at the heart of enterprise performance management.

Watch and Listen: Perspectives on deal-making in Canada and beyond
View our brief, themed videos and listen to audio clips and podcasts, in which PwC’s Deals leaders share their insight and perspectives on today’s deal-making trends and opportunities.

Mining in the Americas: Highlights from the PwC Americas' Mining Centre of Excellence event
PwC’s Mining Centre of Excellence (CoE) held an event on March 6, 2012 to launch its Mining in the Americas publication, bringing in industry experts to Canada to share their experience.

Selfsumerization: Transforming the Enterprise
In this thought leadership paper, we introduce and explain emerging developments in “selfsumerization” of the enterprise.

New Approaches to Taking Care of Business
The following CGA magazine article talks about some of the principles and challenges behind enterprise risk management and includes quotes from Liane Kim, a former director with PwC Canada’s Consulting and Deals practice.

Webinar: Managing project risk
In today's business environment, companies are constantly managing multiple projects. This interactive webinar provides directors with an overview of the board's role in project management.

Going Green Tables: Select Federal and Provincial Incentives
Organizations need to strike a balance between generating profits and reducing their environmental impact. Download this publication for annual federal and provincial incentives to help you embrace sustainability.

Workforce performance in Canadian banking
This study of workforce performance in the Canadian banking sector included data submitted for calendar years 2006 to 2010 from a sample of both large and medium-sized Canadian banks.

Energy Visions Quarterly Newsletter: Nothing to fear
This issue of our quarterly Energy Visions newsletter looks at five reasons why Canada should welcome increased foreign investment in its oil sands and shale gas resources.

On budget, on time, on scope
This report highlights the main contributors to the success of business transformation projects.

Managing Project Risk: Questions boards should be asking
The following publication, from our Directors’ Briefing Series, discusses the six pillars of project risk management and what Boards can do to provide oversight on projects for their organizations.

Opinión minera – Ciclo de desayunos para directivos mineros
Altos directivos mineros se encuentran mensualmente en nuestras sesiones Opinión minera con el propósito de examinar cuestiones de actualidad que derivan de la industria y tienen trascendencia en las pequeñas y grandes sociedades mineras.

Mining in Peru: Event presentation materials
In January 2012, PwC hosted two events to discuss mining opportunities in Peru.

Getting on the Right Side of the Delta: A Deal-maker’s Guide to Growth Economies
In this global study, we have carried out an assessment of over 200 deals, including publicly announced deals and a broader set of private deals that PwC Canada has advised upon.

Webinar: Risky business – how audit committees can be more effective
This webinar provides unique insights and leading practices identified during our 2011 audit committee effectiveness study by audit committee chairs, financial reporting experts, governance professionals and internal audit directors.

Change – Finding the Best Fit Approach
The following publication discusses ways that your organization can avoid the pitfalls that change can bring how you can get the most out of your change strategies.

Navigating Through Regulatory Complexity: Perspectives on the Canadian banking industry
The following publication discusses various facets of Dodd-Frank – including provisions for asset managers, whistleblowers and over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives – and how they may impact Canada’s banking sector.

Perspective North: Resources
This page provides resources for companies interested in finding opportunities in northern Quebec.

Global Economic Crime Survey 2014
Our 2014 PwC Global Economic Crime Survey reinforces that despite the efforts of organizations, regulators, law enforcement and antifraud practitioners, economic crime stubbornly persists.

Project Success through Project Risk Management
The following publication discusses some of the key principles around project risk management and how PwC can help you make the most of your project dollars.

Hot Markets: Insights from Emerging Trends in Real Estate: Strategy Talks podcast series
In this episode of Strategy Talks, guests Chris Potter of PwC and Jonathan Miller, author of this year’s Emerging Trends in Real Estate report discuss the future of Canada’s real estate market, examining the prospects of the condo market, commercial development and more.

Driving Enterprise Performance: Emerging Developments in Enterprise Information Management
In this paper, written by PwC, we introduce and explain several emerging developments in enterprise information management that will likely pave the way for dramatic advances in the next two to five years.

Make information work to your advantage
Information is one of your company’s greatest assets. To realize the greatest benefit, it needs procedures, standards, and controls to help collect, process, and distribute data efficiently and securely.

The Future of Digital Marketing: Lessons learned from The Economist online: Strategy Talks podcast series
In this episode of Strategy Talks, guest Nick Blunden Global Managing Director and Publisher of The Economist online discusses the rapid changes to content in the digital space and what businesses need to do in order to keep pace.

Energy Visions Quarterly Newsletter: Unsteady as she goes
This issue of our quarterly Energy Visions newsletter provides insight on how financial and geopolitical events have impacted crude oil prices, company share prices and the Brent-to-WTI differential, as well as what this means for Canada’s petroleum sector.

Enhancing finance effectiveness
Most organizations have seen a rise in the cost of finance. PwC’s Finance Effectiveness Benchmark Study finds that top performers have been able to keep costs under control while delivering improved service.

Resilient Growth: Making the most of opportunities away from home
In this new global report find out how business leaders and risk managers can weigh the array of risks that go along with tempting opportunities in unfamiliar markets.

Social Media: Why your business can't afford to ignore it - Strategy Talks podcast series
This podcast is an interview with PwC's Debbie Dimoff, who discusses why social media tools and practices are becoming increasingly crucial for business interactions with customers.

Third Party Assurance: New requirements for financial reporting - Strategy Talks podcast series
This podcast is an interview with PwC's Tony Pedari and Jennifer Johnson about new requirements for Canadian auditors under Section 5970.

Company Size Matters: Perspectives on IT Governance
The following publication is based on a sub-section of data taken from PwC’s research for the 4th edition of the Global Status Report on the Governance of Enterprise IT.

Audit Committee Matters - Summer 2011: Audit committees’ role in countering cybercrime
This issue of Audit Committee Matters discusses how the issue of cybercrime can affect the board of directors of your Canadian organization.

Energy Visions Quarterly Newsletter: Tight Oil Tech-Producers
This document, published by PwC as part of our Energy Visions program, talks about the increasing importance of technology in Canada’s oil and gas industry.

Performance Assurance - Building customer trust: A perspective on Service Organization Controls reporting options
This paper introduces a new breed of controls reporting options in place of the former Section 5970 and SAS 70 reports that provided customers with board coverage over their internal controls.

Practical Implications of Controls Assurance Standard Changes
The following article, by PwC’s Peter Hargitai and Jennifer Johnson discusses the transition to CSAE 3416, SSAE 16 and ISAE 3402.

Cash Management: Financial discipline helps your business thrive and survive
The following brochure discusses some of the strategies – both defensive and offensive – you can embrace to help better manage your business’s cash.

Corporate Responsibility: Why it’s crucial for your business - Strategy Talks podcast series
In this episode of Strategy Talks, PwC Corporate Responsibility director James Temple gives a commentary about CR, what it is exactly and why it is so important for your business.

The Québec-Ontario Life Sciences Corridor
The following life sciences report was compiled by PwC in conjunction with the Ministère du Développement économique, de l’Innovation et de l’Exportation, and the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation.

Public Priorities for Ontario’s Health System -- A report of the Citizens’ Reference Panel on Ontario Health Services
The Citizens’ Reference Panel on Health Services aims to represent the public’s voice on the health care debate. Their report offers a platform to share their recommendations for creating sustainable health care to government, policy makers and health care providers.

Building a Presence in Today's Growth Markets
Private companies are setting their sights on emerging and fast-growing markets (EFGMs), where economic conditions are rebounding more quickly than in mature markets. Read about the top business opportunities and risks in these markets as identified by 158 private-company executives.

PwC’s Annual Canadian Private Company Update - Event presentations
Our premier one-day business update for owners, CEOs and financial executives of Canadian private companies provides insights into the practices of the most successful private companies.

Canadians Doing Business in Europe: The Political & Economic Landscape: Strategy Talks podcast series
In this episode of Strategy Talks, Eurasia Group's Sage Newman discusses the fast-changing European market for dealmaking.

Canadian Deals: Evolving Outlook for Businesses in Central and Eastern Europe
In this report, produced jointly by PwC Canada and Eurasia Group, we take an in-depth look at some of the advantages and potential risks of central and eastern European (CEE) economies for foreign investors.

Webinar: Nurture vs Nature – How to know when to build and grow talent and when to look outside of your organization
In this People and Change webinar, from April 2011, you will learn how building talent means linking HR strategy with business strategy.

In Brief: Strategic Inventory Management – Providing what matters, when it matters
The following edition of In brief discusses inventory management and how PwC Canada’s Retail Consulting Services can help you come up with a winning strategy.

The Business of China's 12th Five Year Plan
More than any other five-year plan, China’s 12th Five Year Plan focuses on quality of life over quantity of GDP, stressing the need to boost domestic consumption and promote clean energy.

Webinar: The face of 2020 — How managing your people will change over the next decade
In this People and Change webinar, from February 2011, you will learn about the significant changes that human resource departments will experience over the next decade.

Canadian business perspectives on the governance of enterprise IT
PwC conducted research for the 4th edition of the IT Governance Institute’s (ITGI) Global Status Report on the Governance of Enterprise IT.

Mining – Cutting Costs without Cutting Corners
The following article, published in the February/March issue of Canadian Mining Journal, provides advice on making sustainable cost reductions, reducing non-essential spending, changing your organization’s cost culture, and more.

Navigating the Transition to CSAE 3416
The following brochure discusses the transition to Reporting on Controls at a Service Organization (CSAE 3416), why the changes are necessary, and what they will mean to your organization.

Canadian Deals: Emerging Markets and Global Risk: Strategy Talks podcast series
DJ Peterson of Eurasia Group discusses emerging markets and global risk in foreign markets for Canadian mergers and acquisitions.

Shifting Centre of Gravity: M&A in Brazil—A Canadian Perspective
Brazil’s unfulfilled domestic demand, hyper growth potential and globally competitive returns have spurred M&A action. The aim of this publication is twofold—to provide insight into Brazil, and to share our view on opportunities in Brazil for Canadians.

Citizens’ Reference Panel on Health Services – Where our panel members live
Twenty-eight Ontario citizens began a health care journey on the Citizens' Reference Panel. Learn about them and the communities they came from via this map of Ontario.

A renewed focus on NI 52-109 – What this means to you
This brochure explains some recent changes to National Instrument 52-109 and how PwC can help you adapt to them.

In Brief: Assortment Optimization – Making an impact in 12 seconds or less
The following publication discusses some of the key practices behind assortment optimization to help you understand consumer trends and offer customers what they want, when they want it.

M&A in Brazil – the Real Deal?
The following article, written by PwC partner Kristian Knibutat, discusses several aspects of Brazil's economy and what is making it so successful for deals.

About the Citizens’ Reference Panel on Health Services
Read this page to learn about the Citizens' Reference Panel on Health Services and sign up for updates on the process.

Citizens’ Reference Panel on Health Services
Twenty-eight Ontario citizens were randomly selected to participate in a citizens’ reference panel to help reform the province’s health services. Learn about their journey, their concerns and their solutions.

Life Sciences Webcast on Licensing Management
The following webcast presentation occurred on 15 November 2010 and focused on licensing management in the life sciences and pharmaceuticals industry.

Making Deals in the Mining Sector: Strategy Talks podcast series
This episode of the podcast series features John Nyholt, who talks about the deals activity in the international mining sector.

Third Party Assurance – A New Level of Trust and Transparency
This paper focuses on the changes from the Section 5970 standard to the new CSAE 3416 standard, including comments on the impact on service organizations and service auditors.

Canadian Deals: Emerging Markets
There are several emerging markets for Mergers and Acquistions activity in Canada, including South America and India.

Exploring the risks and opportunities for Canada-China dealmaking
China is a hot market for Mergers and Acquistions activity for Canadian companies. Find out why.

Transforming Your Business: Strategy Talks podcast series
This episode of the podcast series features John MacKinlay, leader of the performance improvement practice, who talks business transformation.

Business Modelling Can Save You Money: Strategy Talks podcast series
This episode of the podcast series features Sean Rowe, leader of the Business Modelling practice, who talks about the importance of accurate forecasting and operational tools in running a business successfully.

Climate Change Across the Country: Strategy Talks podcast series
This episode of the podcast series features a panel of guests speaking about the different climate change issues in a number of provinces across Canada.

Lessons Learned From the Recession: What Directors Need to Know: Strategy Talks podcast series
This episode of the podcast series features a panel of guests who talk about corporate governance, and the lessons they have learned from the recession.

Securities Litigation: Calculating Damages
Former PwC partner Robert Martin discusses the two main elements to consider when calculating damages resulting from misrepresentations in the secondary market under the Ontario Securities Act.

Appetite for Change – The Canadian Summary
Canadian companies have a much stronger view than their US and global counterparts about the need for government to take the lead in developing effective polices for fighting climate change.

Canadian Private Business: A New Optimism: Strategy Talks podcast series
This episode of the podcast series features guest Eric Andrew, leader of the Private Company Services practice of PwC. He talks about the key findings of the 2009 Business Insights survey.

Banks in Canada: How Do They Rank?: Strategy Talks podcast series
This episode of the podcast series features guests Diane Kazarian, banking and capital markets national leader, and George Sheen, former financial services national leader. They talk about the Canadian Banks 2010 report and how Canada's banks rate globally.

Private Enterprise GAAP FAQ: Strategy Talks podcast series
In this episode of the Strategy Talks podcast series, hosts Dean Mullett and Helen Mallovy Hicks talk with Sal Bianco about the frequently asked questions regarding Private Enterprise GAAP.

Inside the Boardroom: Highlights from the Directors Survey: Strategy Talks podcast series
This podcast features guests Brenda Eprile and John Willson, a Director at Nexen Inc. and former CEO of Placer Dome Inc. They talk about the results of the PwC Directors Survey.

Post-Copenhagen Analysis: Implications for Business
PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Sustainability and Climate Change practices have put together the following paper to look at key business topics coming out of Climate Summit in Copenhagen.

How Secure is Your Data?
This podcast features guests David Craig, an Advisory Services Partner, and Salim Hasham, an IT Advisory vice-president. They talk about the importance of information security.

Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences: North American Mergers & Acquisitions Overview – Q3 2009
Despite difficult economic times and tight credit markets, capital market activity in North America in the pharma and life sciences sector has remained relatively robust over the past year.

Economic Crime in Canada: Strategy Talks podcast series
This podcast features guests Pierre Taillefer, a partner in the Advisory Services practice, and Caroline Hillyard, a manager in the Investigations and Forensic Services. They discuss the prevalence of fraud in Canada and its impact on business..

Commercial Real Estate: Emerging Trends: Strategy Talks podcast series
Chris Potter, leader of the Canadian Real Estate Tax practice, explores the ups and downs of commercial real estate in Canada.

Currency Fluctuations in the New Economy: Strategy Talks podcast series
Vanessa Iarocci, a former vice-president in the Corporate Finance practice and editor of PwC's Capital Markets Flash, and Rozanne Kibel, a director in the Corporate Finance practice, talk about the ups and downs of currency in these challenging economic times.

Canadian Retail Security Survey 2012
Canadian retailers continue to experience challenging times with difficult domestic and global economies, changing consumer behaviour and an increasingly competitive retail landscape.

Internal Audits - A New Strategic Position: Strategy Talks podcast series
Mike Harris, leader of the Corporate Governance practice and Matthew Wetmore, a partner in the Internal Audit practice of PwC, discuss how to make internal audits work for you in a time of crisis.

Extracting Value in a Down Economy – The Mining Industry in Canada: Strategy Talks podcast series
Paul Murphy, the national leader for the Mining industry group of PwC Canada, and Normand Champigny formerly with the firm's Mining Centre of Excellence in Canada discuss how the economy has changed the mining industry.

Maestro®: Performance Insights Workshop
Maestro® is a highly interactive one-day performance management workshop that brings together your executive team and PwC’ business advisors and performance management professionals to help fine tune your business.

Electronic Discovery: Cost Effective Compliance with Minimized Disruption
The following white paper discusses the characteristics of electronically stored information (ESI), how they differ from those of paper-based information, and the five steps of an e-discovery process.

Sustainability Practices Make Good Sense for Your Business: Strategy Talks podcast series
Wendy Potomski, a former vice president of PwC’s Sustainable Business Solutions and Climate Change Services practice, shares key sustainability strategies that are especially important in a down economy.

Litigation – 3 Keys to Success: Strategy Talks podcast series
Robert Martin, a former partner in PwC’s Advisory Services practice, and Gerry Ranking, the chair of Fasken Martineau’s litigation department in Ontario, discuss the top three things you should always do when faced with litigation issues.

Performance Management – 7 Practices that Drive Superior Results: Strategy Talks podcast series
Stuart Smith, a former vice president in PwC's Advisory Service practice, and Greg Richards, the Cognos Professor of Performance Management with the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa, discuss the seven key practices of an effective performance management strategy.