Webinar: Nurture vs Nature – How to know when to build and grow talent and when to look outside of your organization

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In the past, decisions on hiring, downsizing and developing talent were typically made based on dollars and cents. While this is important, decisions on how to build talent will need to be based on linking HR strategy with business strategy -- and not just numbers-based.

By defining the pivotal roles in an organization, companies can build the talent and succession plans that are critical to the growth and sustainability of their organization and use a more flexible business model to roles that are more standard to their operating model.

In this webinar, from April 2011, we address these questions and more:

  • When do you build talent from within and when do you simply look to the labour market to fulfill your organization's needs?
  • How do you develop compelling value propositions that engage and retain employees in these key roles?
  • How do you design a talent strategy that aligns with the organizational strategy?