Change Leadership

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Making change stick to achieve long-term business value

Change agility is an essential element for any organization in today’s environment.

With demographic shifts and technological changes, ongoing economic uncertainty and increased stakeholder scrutiny, change has become “the new norm”. It’s frenetic. CEOs are constantly looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition – from conducting mergers or acquisitions to finding ways to be more effective with less cost to the organization.

Leading companies recognize the importance their people play in the success of business change initiatives. To achieve the full benefits of a transformational project, everyone in an organization needs to understand the change and be equipped for the future. For this to happen, companies need to find ways to make change stick to achieve business benefits.

But how can you adapt effectively to whatever changes might come your way?

Effective, sustainable change requires a thoughtful, thorough and practical approach that is grounded in factual information. This approach shouldn’t be prescriptive nor template driven – but tailored to fit to the needs of your organization and the type of change you are undertaking. By understanding the business drivers and desired outcomes for the change, developing an approach that considers the internal and external realities for your organization, and continually assessing the progress throughout the change, you’ll be better positioned to realize the business benefits you envision.

How PwC can help

Our People and Change team can help you develop and implement the best-fit change approach for your organization – one that is focused on actions that will create long-term, sustainable value – while also providing you with the quick wins you need to foster buy-in and ongoing support.

We can help you make change stick by:

  • Designing a best fit change approach – We will help you develop a change approach that fits with the values of your organization, and support it with activities, techniques, tools and models that will help you gain buy in and support from your people throughout the change.
  • Developing a comprehensive stakeholder engagement and communication plan – We will work with you to identify and assess the impacts of the change on each of your stakeholder groups. Once the overall impacts are categorized, we will assist you with developing targeted engagement activities to help each stakeholder group to transition to the future state.
  • Implementing the People Transition Plan – We will work with you to address the people aspects of the transformation by leveraging our organizational design and talent management tools and leading practices. Knowledge retention and knowledge management are critical success factors for any significant change initiative, and transitioning people from the current state to the future state needs to be carefully coordinated and managed as part of the broader change initiative.
  • Creating a change leadership competency and culture – We will help you develop a change leadership competency within your organization. Developing the leadership skills and corporate culture to embrace and keep pace with change over the long haul is critical to the long-term success of a change, and involves providing a framework that keeps activities focus on realizing the benefits.
  • Measuring the success of the change – We will help you identify the metrics and measures needed to monitor the success of your change and help you with designing and reporting through dashboards and other change management tools and are linked to a benefits management framework.

Contact us today to see how our People and Change team can help.