2013-05-09 FYI Accounting Standards - April 2013

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The Accounting Standards Board ("AcSB") and staff of the CICA periodically publish a report outlining the status of current projects and related activities.

The April 2013 edition includes the following topics:

Message from the Chair

International Financial Reporting Standards

  • IFRS Discussion Group
  • International Forum of Accounting Standard Setters
  • Rate-regulated Activities: Progress on all Fronts

Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises

  • Private Enterprise Standards Improved
  • Discontinued Operations: Fewer Is Better
  • Employee Future Benefits: More Transparent Reporting Ahead
  • Private Enterprise Advisory Committee
  • Using Professional Judgment

Accounting Standards for Not-for-Profit Organizations

  • Employee Future Benefits: A Twist for NFPOs

Accounting Standards for Pension Plans

The AcSB’s Priorities for 2013- 2014

Our Volunteers

Document for Comment Deadlines

A PDF version of the report is attached below. This information may be useful for audit committee reports and discussions with management on proposed accounting standards.