Canadian AIM Listing Services

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A range of services in connection with AIM transactions

AIM, a market operated by the London Stock Exchange, has emerged as one of the most successful growth market of its type in the world since launching in 1995. AIM is a market that caters to smaller sized international companies that are growing.

Deciding to list
The decision to list on AIM requires critically evaluating your business — specifically, its ability to meet the admission requirements including general suitability, eligibility and continuing obligations.

PwC’s Canadian AIM Listing Services Group
Our team of professionals in Transaction Advisory, Global Capital Markets, Assurance and Tax provides a range of services to Canadian companies in connection with AIM transactions such as:

  • Preparing to become public
  • Advising on regulatory and admission issues
  • Undertaking business, financial and tax due diligence investigations; and
  • Assisting with GAAP conversion projects

For more information, please contact a member of our team.