Audit and Assurance Engagements

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An audit you can trust

Our globally consistent audit methodology is delivered by multi-disciplinary teams whose members seek to understand the full scope of your business and its operations. As a result, you gain greater comfort with regard to your company's financial statements as well as greater insight into your business risks and the effectiveness of your internal controls.

One Firm, One Approach

PwC's thousands of auditors around the world use a single, global audit methodology that is fully compliant with International Auditing Standards and applicable national standards. This globally consistent approach to the audit means that regardless of location, PwC people can understand and evaluate your business using a single language and common methods. In turn, that enables a uniform level of quality in all our audits.

In Canada, we have over 1,700 audit and assurance professionals who work with companies of all sizes across a wide range of industries; creating custom solutions using our local knowledge and global breadth of experience.


Multi-Disciplinary Audit Team

PwC Audit teams comprise highly experienced industry-focused professionals supplemented by a range of accounting, systems, tax, treasury, valuations, controls, actuarial, human resources and fraud detection professionals. Additionally, PwC audit teams employ leading edge electronic audit tools for performing, communicating, researching, and documenting their work.


Beyond the Finance Function

On every audit, our teams seek to understand how management — not just in the finance function, but across your key functional areas — runs the business and manages risk. This comprehensive view of your business provides a better understanding of the full range of business risks you face and whether those risks pose audit risks. This approach provides you with greater comfort that your financial statements reflect the company's true performance.


A Controls-based Approach

PwC Audit delivers an independent assessment of your company's accounting and reporting practices, business risks, and internal controls while providing valuable insights. We establish audit comfort by determining how well management's internal controls mitigate the risks of material misstatement in the financial statements. To validate our judgments, the audit team drills down to the level of your company's transactions and analyses that data using substantive testing methods. Industry focused, risk-based, controls-based and technology driven.