Managing risk in IT

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I have to trust that he’s aware of the risks, has all the necessary information, and can deal with any changes to the conditions.

It’s the same with managing risk in IT. To secure digital trust, businesses must be aware of the relevant risks, manage their information carefully and be agile enough to capitalize on new opportunities as they arise.


IT risks affect your whole business, not just your IT-centric functions such as infrastructure, data and compliance. The risk spectrum is far broader, impacting everything from financial, legal, operations, HR, reputation and brand. The immediate and long term impact is much more than incident management – you need a proactive, preventative and holistic approach to leverage investment in IT for maximum business benefit.

We bring a full range of expertise to address your business challenges covering everything from data quality, IT project governance, information security, ERP control implementation and IT risk and governance. We’ll tailor these into an integrated solution designed to solve your complex IT risk problems, so that you achieve the best performance and keep your critical assets safe.

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Justin Abel

Justin Abel is the Canadian IT Risk Assurance Services Leader, with a particular focus on IT controls and internal audit. Read more.