2014 State of the internal audit profession study
Matthew Wetmore, National Internal Audit Leader
Audit Committee Matters - Summer 2011
Protecting information assets
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Taking the weight of business change and enterprise risk off your hands

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Are you feeling the increased weight of responsibility for assessing and managing enterprise risks? Evolving compliance and governance challenges are forcing organizations to ensure that their internal audit functions are operating effectively and efficiently. Internal auditors must make certain that risk management, internal controls and governance processes are accomplishing business objectives and meeting stakeholder expectations.

If you're going to improve the value and effectiveness of your internal audit function, you need a comprehensive understanding of the specific objectives, risks, and priorities relevant to your organization.

At PwC, we work collaboratively with our clients to provide internal audit services ranging from full outsourcing to co-sourcing and project-by-project assistance. We offer enterprise-wide risk management systems and services that can improve your business operations by enhancing revenues, reducing costs and managing changes to your business processes.

Podcast: Internal Audit in a Post-Recession World

Podcast: Internal Audit in a Post-Recession World

This episode of our Strategy Talks podcast series discusses the State of the Internal Audit Profession report and offers key insights into what the future focus of the internal audit function might be.

Webinar: How audit committees can be more effective

Webinar: Risky business – how audit committees can be more effective

This webinar provides unique insights and leading practices identified during our 2011 audit committee effectiveness study by audit committee chairs, financial reporting experts, governance professionals and internal audit directors.