Retail Valuations Newsletter

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Retail Valuations is a quarterly newsletter brought to you by our team of specialists which examines the latest trends impacting the Canadian Retail sector. Our experience extends to all segments of the retail and consumer sector – grocery stories, fashion retailers, boutiques, convenience stores and many others.

Retail Valuations – Snapshot Q3 2014
TEV/EBITDA multiples for the North Americanretail sector in Q3 2014 remained stable with an average multiple of 8.9x whereas the TEV/EBITDA multiples for the Canadianretail sector increased to a 10.6x multiple.

Retail Valuations – Snapshot Q2 2014
TEV/EBITDA multiples for the North American retail sector in Q2 2014 remained high.

Retail Valuations – Snapshot Q1 2014
After four consecutive quarter-over-quarter increases in TEV/EBITDA, the North American retail sector valuation multiples were flat in Q1 2014.

Retail Valuations – Snapshot Q4 2013
The North American retail sector showed continued momentum with a fourth consecutive quarter-over-quarter increase in TEV/EBITDA.

Retail Valuations – Snapshot Q3 2013
This publication gives you a snapshot of valuation metrics and the performance of the Canadian retail companies in the third quarter of 2013.