Putting US GAAP in motion

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Recent developments for applying US GAAP

Companies that are listed in the United States (or preparing for a listing in the U.S.) face enhanced regulatory scrutiny and enforcement. They also have greater investor scrutiny and exposure. Companies that aren’t U.S. registrants applying United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP) face a more complex set of accounting rules than under other accounting frameworks. US GAAP preparers often have multifaceted accounting issues that require significant management judgement and technical expertise. We can help you navigate US GAAP effectively.

Accounting standards updates issued during the first quarter of 2013 are largely amendments or clarifications of existing standards made by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the Emerging Issues Task Force (EITF). However, there are a number of amendments effective for 2014 and beyond that companies should prepare for.

Our team of specialist and experienced GAAP practitioners can play an important role in supplementing a company's accounting resources by providing real time insights into the application of US GAAP. If you’d like to talk about specific issues under US GAAP, please contact us.

Thought leadership

AC Insights — Spring 2013
AC Insights provides audit committee members with a summary of financial reporting developments for public companies using IFRS or US GAAP, how those developments might affect their companies and things they may want to think about. We outline the accounting standards updates that were issued by the FASB to clarify or amend certain existing standards.

Closing the GAAP
New US GAAP pronouncements (includes developments to March 31, 2013)

The memorandum summarizes US GAAP pronouncements that must be applied, if applicable, for the first time by a calendar year-end entity that prepares financial statements in accordance with US GAAP. This newsletter sets out new requirements by the calendar year in which they are first effective.

US GAAP Today — Spring 2013
This newsletter contains the spring 2013 issue of US GAAP Today. Topics covered include revenue project nearing completion, moving ahead on financial instruments and accessing US capital markets.

US GAAP Today — Winter 2013
This newsletter contains the winter 2013 issue of US GAAP Today. Topics covered in this issue include issues to consider for your 2012 year-end, more timely recognition of credit losses and assessing going concern.

US GAAP tools

Comperio – Your path to knowledge
Comperio is an online library of global financial reporting and assurance literature. It contains full text of financial reporting standards for US GAAP and IFRS, plus materials of specific relevance to other territories. Register for a free trial at www.pwccomperio.com.