PwC Cup shines at Spruce Meadows


Cal Jacober hands out the PwC cup

Cal Jacober hands out the PwC cup

At PwC, we understand the value of celebrating tradition and being connected to our community. This year we were honoured to join Spruce Meadows in celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee by presenting the PwC Cup at the Spruce Meadows North American show jumping tournament.The exciting competition took place on July 5th, 2012. Competitors, prepping for the London 2012 Games only weeks later, gathered from around the world and provided a wonderful spectacle of world-class show jumping.

The $35,000.00 prize was dispersed between the top 12 contenders, with American two-time Summer Games gold medallist McLain Ward taking home the top prize riding an 11-year-old Warmblood gelding, Rothchild.

PwC Cup Results





1 McLain Ward USA Rothchild
2 Beezie Madden USA Simon
3 Tim Gredley GBR Unex Chamberlain Z
4 Eric Lamaze CAN Verdi
5 Sean Crooks USA Armagedon
6 Tiffany Foster CAN Southwind VDL
7 Lauren Tisbo USA King Kolibri
8 Lisa Carlsen CAN La Boom
9 Richard Spooner USA Cristallo
10 Jennifer Crooks IRL SF Uryadi

We would like to thank the Spruce Meadows team and all of the competitors who helped to make this event a great success.