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Developments in financial and regulatory reporting for public enterprises

We're pleased to present this update for executives and professionals involved in financial reporting for Canadian companies using IFRS. Our senior accounting and SEC consulting partners and managers guide attendees through recent changes to financial reporting for Canadian enterprises and update them on the Canadian Securities Administrators’ developments and views. We also talk about important changes in SEC rules for foreign private issuers.


Creating value in moments of exceptional change

Accounting standards, regulatory requirements, capital markets and businesses are evolving faster than ever before. Keeping up with these changes and the significant complexities they introduce can be challenging. We help our clients improve their IFRS financial reporting by providing high-quality, consistent and timely IFRS accounting knowledge. So if you're looking for guidance from our IFRS specialists, you've come to the right place.

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New disclosures in 2013 annual financial statements

We’ve prepared a series of illustrative disclosures to help you understand and apply the new requirements. Each newsletter in the series addresses one of the new or amended standards. The newsletters are:

Disclosing Fair Values in Annual Financial Statements – Applying IFRS 13
Disclosing Fair Values in Annual Financial Statements – Applying IFRS 13 to Investment Properties (A supplement)
Offsetting of Financial Instruments – Disclosure in 2013 Annual Financial Statements
Disclosing Employee Benefits in 2013 Annual Financial Statements
Disclosing Interests in Other Entities in 2013 Annual Financial Statements – Applying IFRS 12

IFRS tools

Comperio – Your path to knowledge
Comperio is an online library of global financial reporting and assurance literature. It contains full text of financial reporting standards for US GAAP and IFRS, plus materials of specific relevance to other territories. Register for a free trial at www.pwccomperio.com.

PwC inform – IFRS online
PwC inform is an online resource for finance professionals globally, covering financial reporting under IFRS. Use PwC inform to access the latest news, PwC guidance, comprehensive research materials and full text of the standards. The search function and intuitive layout enable users to access all they need for reporting under IFRS. It’s iPad friendly and has a PDF creator. Register for a free trial at www.pwcinform.com.