People and Change

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Adapting and embracing constant shifts

Today, Alberta companies barely have time to catch their breath after one turbulent event before another one hits them. Whether it is the economy, technology, new discoveries and markets, government regulation, global issues or demographic-related labour shortages, change is now fast-paced and constant.

To succeed in this environment of flux, companies can no longer simply adapt to change; they have to embrace change with enthusiasm and vision. And to do that, they need to transform into organizations in which every function and strategy is fully aligned with a mindset that drives internal change.

Much of the change affecting Alberta companies centres around hiring and retaining quality people. Some of the specific people issues that companies in Alberta face are:

  • Hiring foreign and out-of-province workers
  • Finding skilled labour
  • Differences in compensation levels compared to the rest of Canada

How PwC can help

PwC helps Alberta organizations improve their people and change management through analysis, tools, processes and strategies to make change stick. In other words, PwC recognizes that change management is no longer an occasional and transitional event, so our approach is to help companies find the right people for the right roles and doing what’s needed for successful and constructive change.

PwC helps align your human resources processes and policies with your business strategy, and your business strategy with your ability to change. This approach helps you to quickly meet the demands of external and internal shifts as they arise in the Alberta marketplace.

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