Oil and Gas

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Challenges, opportunities lie ahead

The oil and gas sector is the largest industry in Alberta. It is also the industry facing the most significant shift in the midst of the current downturn. Issues the industry is dealing with include:

  • Fluctuating prices of oil and natural gas
  • Adapting to the province's new royalty framework
  • Illiquid credit markets
  • Environmental regulations
  • A global economic downturn

How PwC can help
We have worked with the oil and gas sector around the world for more than 100 years, as well as right here in Alberta. Our team is comprised of practitioners who have worked in the industry. Therefore, we bring a deep understanding of the regulatory and compliance issues your company might face. If you're looking for help with issues related to tax, auditing, risk management, forecasting models, asset improvement, climate change, the credit crisis, or a slumping economy, our knowledgeable practitioners understand the numerous regional issues and how to do business in Alberta successfully.

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