Nexus Navigator

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Helping Canadian companies navigate the complex realities of state and local taxes

Did you know that businesses paid more than $500 billion of state and local taxes in 2008 alone? This includes not only corporate income taxes, but also franchise taxes, property taxes, and sales and use taxes. And if you’re a Canadian company doing business in the United States, are you fully aware of your potential exposure to these taxes?

Forty-eight states face budget shortfalls for fiscal 2010, many on the verge of bankruptcy. States have adopted more aggressive methods in generating revenue from its taxpayers, especially those who are delinquent or non-compliant.

In other words, there’s even greater pressure on you to file your tax returns and make regular tax payments to the proper state authorities.

That’s why PwC has developed the Nexus Navigator—proprietary software that’s unique, innovative, and cost-effective. This brochure describes how we will use this web-based tool to assess your state tax profile and potential exposures.