Financial Services

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Changing with the new economy

In Alberta, the financial services industry exists in the shadow of the dominant energy sector. The current challenge for regional financial services companies is to establish sufficient presence in the Alberta market to provide the expertise and services that customers require.

Current issues the industry is dealing with include:

  • An uncertain economic and credit market outlook
  • The scale of the financial services sector in Alberta
  • Building the industry, services and infrastructure to compete effectively
  • A changing regulatory environment and heightened focus by regulators on governance and risk management
  • Aligning the business model with new accounting standards like IFRS, which takes effect in 2011

How PwC can help

Our experienced financial services professionals and Alberta-based resources, supported by our national and global networks, give us an edge in understanding and solving the business and regulatory issues that you face in this changing marketplace. We provide accounting, audit and actuarial services to the financial services industry, as well as tailored tax, finance, risk management and regulatory services.

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