Securing against cyber espionage

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What can be done to protect your information technology infrastructure from outside threats?

Today's cyber threats are persistent, well organized, constantly evolving — and often successful. Many disguise themselves within the information technology (IT) ecosystem in a manner that is all but impossible to distinguish from legitimate activity.

The evolution of technology itself is partly responsible for today's elevated threat environment. Increasingly, industrial and process control systems communicate with each other and the devices they manage via TCP/IP protocol, the lingua franca of the Internet. In many cases, these systems were never intended to be exposed to the Internet or even corporate IT systems; many have not been hardened against security threats.

At PwC, we can help you embed security into strategic decision-making processes across your business ecosystem, rather than isolating it to simply secure the boundaries of your enterprise. Drawing upon our deep experience in security, we can help your organization build new capabilities necessary to deal with constantly evolving cyber threats, and show you how to prepare for those seeking to eliminate your competitive edge. For more information, download our thought leadership publications below.


Thought leadership

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