Directors' Cut - Cloud computing and IT risks

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Many organizations have already started using cloud technology and many more have plans to expand its use in the years ahead. Meanwhile, only a few weeks have passed since sensitive financial information of several celebrities, including US first lady Michelle Obama and FBI Director Robert Mueller became known to millions online. As directors and audit committee members, it’s time to re- evaluate how companies are adopting new technologies and what it means for the security of their sensitive and critical information.

To help you in this process, we recently hosted Audit Committee Connect briefings across the country on the emerging issues of cloud and IT risks. Our objectives were to (1) share insights from top cloud and IT risk experts on best practices and trends, (2) provoke questions for directors to consider about technology today and in years to come, and (3) give the directors attending the opportunity through electronic polling to share their views on how companies are dealing with the cloud and IT risks.

Keep reading to learn what they had to say.