About the Citizen Compass

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Giving Canadians the chance to share what types of eservices they want to receive from government

Citizen Compass, the future of online government services

Video: Citizen Compass, the future of online government services

Canadian governments at all levels are seeking ways to manage costs more efficiently while maintaining and increasing citizen satisfaction. Growing public demand for improved government services, ways to access these services and use of technology for service delivery demonstrate a desire for change.

Accessing services via new emerging technologies could provide the convenience and customized experience Canadian citizens want — and a less expensive delivery channel sought after by government. That’s the premise behind the Citizen Compass, an online platform sponsored by PwC that ran for three weeks in May 2012 to help Canadians voice their opinion on government eservice delivery by:

  1. Arming them with information about government service delivery
  2. Giving them a platform to share your opinions and ideas
  3. Sharing their feedback with government decision-makers.