Let's Talk Series

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Our Let’s Talk articles provide our perspective on the issues most impacting Canada’s private companies. Let's Talk is part of our PwC Private Business Exchange program — a dynamic, interactive community of private business owners and executives. Read the complete articles in the Let's Talk series:

Today’s cyber threats demand business-led approach
Private companies face growing operational, financial and reputational risk as they find themselves increasingly targeted by sophisticated cybercriminals.

Making time to grow your business
Thinking strategically about the future is vital for private companies. How do you start focusing on what’s really important?

Roadmap to a successful social media strategy
The social media landscape is quickly becoming an essential component to how private businesses interact and engage with their market. Learn how to cut through the clutter.

Plan more, Pay less: Effective tax strategies for your family business
There are a number of tax strategies available for Canadian family business leaders – effective planning allows you to capitalize on existing opportunities.

Planning the next move: Successfully transitioning to a professionally-managed business
To grow and evolve a business to the next level, Canadian family business leaders may consider transitioning to professional management.

Succeeding through succession: Using succession planning to build value and talent
Succession planning is critical for private company, yet many companies do not have a well defined succession plan. This can have far-reaching repercussions.

Growing mobile
The evolution of technology is taking place at such a rapid rate that the sooner you initiate a digital mobile strategy, the better.

Driving growth with your supply chain
Supply chain touches almost every aspect of operations within a company. As a result, it can account for anywhere from 30 to 70 percent of a business’ overall cost base.

Advancing the growth agenda
Private company leaders are feeling positive about future prospects. Stronger balance sheets and easier access to financing mean new opportunities for growth. Are you ready?

Making strategic planning real
PwC recently hosted a webinar on the fundamentals of strategic planning. An informal poll of participants revealed that only 12% were convinced their employees could articulate their company’s vision. Read the full article.

Connecting With Social Media
This article by Debbie Dimoff explains how social media can play a leading role in helping to drive business by engaging employees, consumers, suppliers, partners and even investors.

A business case for sustainability
The business case for adopting socially responsible and sustainable business practices is clear, regardless of what industry you’re in. Just look at the environmental landscape. Read our article to learn more about the impact on private companies.

A Healthy Family Business
To succeed in the long run, a family business needs effective governance coupled with good communication that can address any complex relationships within the family and between the family and its business.

The 21-Year Rule is Taxing on Family Trusts
Many Canadian family trusts are now well into their second decade and need attention to avoid significant tax bills triggered by the Income Tax Act’s 21-year rule.

U.S. Estate Tax Laws: What you need to know
Many Canadians don’t realize that if they have a child who is a U.S. citizen or resident, U.S. estate laws apply to them. This article helps answer some common questions.

Embracing the Power of the Cloud
Thanks to the arrival of software as a service, infrastructure as a service and platform as a service, the playing field for private companies is becoming level with the big players.

Internal Controls
Internal controls are designed to help a company achieve their objectives, from financial to operational, and help them reduce risks.

Fighting Fraud
During difficult economic times, the incentive to commit fraud increases while the focus on fraud detection, prevention and investigations typically diminishes.

Five Steps to a Greener Business
It’s not easy being green, but more and more companies are realizing it is well worth it—both for the environment and the bottom line. PwC's former sustainability associate partner, Mel Wilson, presents his top five strategies to help private companies fully benefit from environmental sustainability.

Freezing Your Estate
If you were to sell your business today, the value will have dropped. And that is why an economic downturn might be the best time for an estate freeze.

Maximize Your Tax Savings
An economic downturn is not the time to be paying more tax than you should. This article discusses how to maximize your tax savings during uncertain times.

Risk Management
If there’s any lesson that has been learned from the global financial meltdown, it is the importance of risk management.

Dealing with Your Banker
The credit crunch and the economic downturn means that lenders continue to take a much more cautious stance. But dealing with your banker doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking experience.