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“Nobody with a hard hat on and a cigarette hanging out of their mouth...unrolls a set of drawings and says, 'Oh my goodness, these are great drawings, they must be from West Canadian.' It just doesn’t happen.  It’s about everything that happens up until they get the drawings.  That’s why for us, it’s all about the service we provide and the way we treat our customers.”

- George Brookman, CEO, West Canadian Industries

West Canadian Industries is one of the premier independent digital printing, graphic design, microfilming, document management, and digital imaging operations in Canada. 

West Canadian was started in the early 1950s as a micro-filming service bureau and the couple that started the company operated it until 1984 when George Brookman took it over.   Everything the company did used to originate from a piece of paper –making it bigger or smaller, making a copy of it, and then giving it back to the customer.  Today, just about every order that West Canadian gets originates electronically.  By focusing on their people and providing high quality products and strong customer service, they have built the successful company that West Canadian is today. 

In this video, George Brookman, CEO of West Canadian Industries, shares the story of how his company has grown and how the industry has evolved, how they have overcome challenges, his view on the future of the Alberta and world economy and much more.

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