As I See It



“People often talk about topline growth, and then they talk about profitable growth. I just don’t get that. For me, it is all about profitable growth. If you’re not growing profitably, what are you doing?"

-  Archie Campbell, former Senior VP & Chief Operating Officer, Golden Boy Foods Ltd.

Golden Boy Foods Ltd. is one of North America’s largest manufacturers of private label peanut butter, baking nuts, snacking nuts and dried fruit. 

The company started as an entrepreneurial family business in the late 1970s.  The family grew the business organically in Vancouver and then across Canada and into the United States over 20 years.  In 1997, the company sold the business to a local private equity group called Tricor Pacific Capital.  Tricor brought in a management team to continue to grow the business organically and through acquisition strategy. 

In this video, Archie Campbell, former Senior VP & Chief Operating Officer for Golden Boy Foods Ltd., shares his views on the private label business, how he thinks about taking advantage of growth opportunities, his view on the importance of positive leadership in private companies and much more.

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