Family Business Survey 2012

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60% of family businesses in Canada have experienced sales growth in the past 12 months

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Family Business Survey

PwC Family Business Survey 2012

What did 1,952 family business owners and managers in over 30 countries tell us was critical to owning and operating a successful family business?

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Canadian key findings

Growth objectives over the next five years


Sales growth among Canadian family businesses is slightly lower than the global average, but outlook is positive
Although sales growth for Canadian family businesses lagged slightly below the global average over the past year, growth projections for the next five years surpass the global average.

Key challenges within the next five years


Challenges over the next five years include finding the right talent, competition and the economy
Key challenges for growth will be attracting the right skills and talent, competition (both price competition and the number of overall competitors), the economic situation and the need to innovate.

Perceptions of Canadian family businesses


Family businesses believe they play a vital role in the Canadian economy
Family businesses in Canada feel that they play a vital role in the country’s economy, including job creation and adding stability to a balanced economy

Perceptions of government and society


There is a feeling that government needs to do more to help family businesses
Although they believe government recognizes the importance of family businesses, they feel more needs to be done to help Canadian family businesses access financing.

Changes anticipated within the next five years


Just over half plan to pass their business down to the next generation
51% plan to pass their business down to the next generation, while a further 14% will pass ownership of the business down, but will employ non-family management.


“It’s hard to get the skilled people we need—the labour force is aging.”


Second generation family business

“The financial markets are our top external challenge, including competitive growth from the Asian market and customer uncertainty about the economy.”


Second generation family business

“Global demand for commodities is making our exports uncompetitive because of a strong Canadian dollar. China is taking a lot of commodities, making the Canadian economy stronger, but it makes it harder for exporters like us.”


Second generation family business

“The pride, motivation and passion that you have towards a family business you are part of is unparalleled.”


Second generation family business

“In a family business, everyone seems to be pushing for the same team, moving together in the right direction.”


Second generation family business

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