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Riding a wave of optimism - But is it going in the right direction?

Canadian private companies have told us that they’re confident and optimistic for the year ahead, forecasting an average of 7.6% growth, but at a time when national growth is two per cent, what strategies will they put in place to achieve such aggressive goals?

For the ninth year, we’ve gathered the opinions of Canadian private business leaders to find their outlook for the year ahead, to explore their plans for long-term success and to generate ideas for creating a profitable and sustainable Canadian private sector.

Business Insights is one of the largest surveys of Canadian private company business issues. It’s recognized as an important source of information for understanding Canadian business confidence, monitoring marketplace issues and sharing experiences of successful business leaders.

The first release of our Business Insights report will launch next month. As we interpret the results, here’s a preview of some key findings.

Business confidence and future growth:

  • Echoing the same confidence as last year, Canadian private companies are striving for growth and expansion and 78% expect business to get better over the next 12 months.
  • Private companies plan to achieve this through: improved sales and marketing campaigns (44%); improved customer experience and retention (38%); and the development of new products and services (31%).

We explore in the full report whether these tried and true strategies are enough for Canadian companies to meet their long term goals or if new approaches need to be considered to avoid missed opportunities at home and abroad.

Business Insights 2012

Owning the today and tomorrow of your business

The Business Insights Survey of Canadian private companies 2012

How are Canadian private companies embracing change and adapting to increased competition, volatility and economic uncertainties? What are they doing to position themselves for growth in the long-term?

In the eighth annual Business Insights Survey, results from over 400 respondents reveal that Canadian private companies are feeling confident in their ability to navigate through the uncertainties of today’s economy. Over the past few years, they have focused their attention on reducing costs and improving efficiencies as a means to survive the recessionary years. Today, they have embraced these strategies as an ongoing process, not to survive, but to grow, gain a competitive edge and reinforce their agility.

If there’s one theme that is consistent throughout this year’s Business Insights Survey, it’s that Canada’s private companies have a deep self-confidence.

Business Insights early data

The results are in

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They have accepted that volatility, uncertainties and challenges, including fierce competition, price-cutting and skilled labour shortages are here to stay. But they’re also confident in their own abilities to grow in such an environment—and for many, to grow robustly. They’re not about to wait for better and more secure times—which may never come.

Canada’s private companies have taken the lessons from the past and built on them. They’re taking charge of their own future and are owning the today and tomorrow of their business.

"On-the-ground" reports

To accompany the 2012 Business Insights report, local Private Company Services leaders share some of the "on-the-ground" observations that they've learned from working day-to-day with business leaders in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.

2.87 MB Alberta Regional Summary – 2012
Download the full PDF.

2.87 MB BC Regional Summary – 2012
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2.87 MB Ontario Regional Summary – 2012
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2.87 MB Quebec Regional Summary – 2012
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