Marco Fillion

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Life insurance
Financial reporting
Capital requirements
Mergers and acquisitions


Life Actuarial Services


Université Laval

Marco Fillion is a Partner in PwC Canada’s Life Actuarial Services, working in the Toronto office.

Marco joined PwC in 2010 after spending his entire career as an actuarial practitioner in a number of Life Insurance companies, including 10 years at a multinational Canadian insurance company in various management positions in business units and corporate.

Marco has more twenty years of insurance experience in actuarial valuation, financial reporting, capital requirements, risk assessment, M&A and product development. He is well versed in several accounting basis including IFRS, and US GAAP, and has experience working with US Statutory actuarial valuation. Marco also sits on PwC’s International Insurance Accounting Group, and he is a member of the CIA Committee on Risk Management and Capital Requirement.

Since joining PwC, Marco has performed several audits of insurance entities and public personal injury compensation plans, as well as peer reviews of actuarial liabilities, MCCSR/TAAM and DCAT work, providing him with a broad perspective of industry practices.

Marco has done several industry presentations on IFRS and OSFI’s upcoming regulatory capital changes, and recently co-authored PwC’s publication including “Insurance Solvency Regime Developments: Striking the right balance in Canada”, “Low interest rates — Life insurers’ great depression”, and “Managing risks for better decisions: ORSA”.

Marco is a member of CIA Committee on Risk Management and Capital Requirements, the PwC International Insurance Accounting Group and the American Academy of Actuaries. He is also a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries and the Society of Actuaries.