Audrey J. Diamant

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Indirect Tax
Cross-Border Transactions



Audrey Diamant is a partner in the Tax Services practice of PricwaterhouseCoopers LLP and leads our Indirect Tax practice in the North Toronto (Metro North) office. She specializes in the GST and PST as it relates to cross-border transactions, technology and telecommunications issues and the not-for-profit sector.

Audrey also provides in-depth analysis and legislative interpretation to clients on provincial retail sales tax programs, with emphasis on the inter-provincial transfer of goods and services, end-use exemptions and special status purchasers.

Audrey advises a number of large US-based clients on the intricacies of carrying on business in Canada, and regularly advises and speaks at the Commodity Tax Symposium, TEI and the CICA Commodity Tax Update.

Audrey has practiced in the commodity tax area for more than 20 years and provided advisory services to the Canadian Department of Finance during the implementation of the GST, and to the Ontario Ministry of Finance on software issues. She is also the co-chair of the sales tax committee of the Information Technology Association of Canada (Ontario).

Audrey is the chair/presenter of the CICA In-depth GST course and is a regular contributor on sales tax matters to a Canadian Tax Foundation newsletter. She is also a recipient of the Normand Guerin Award for her paper on Electronic Commerce and Commodity Taxes, presented at the 1999 Commodity Tax Symposium.

Audrey's recent publications include Canadian Tax Highlights — GST and PE's Revisited; Ontario PST and Software; Ontario Harmonization.

Audrey has been recognized as an indirect tax leader in The Comprehensive Guide to the World's Leading Indirect Tax Advisers by The International Tax Review. Most recently, Audrey was recognized as the 2009 Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) Volunteer of the Year. Since 2002, she has worked with ITAC’s sales tax sub-committee and more recently on their tax and finance committee to lobby the Ontario Ministry of Finance to simplify their sales tax rules. As part of this involvement, she has provided seminars to ITAC membership and has recently had a number of her articles published on the ITAC.