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Now’s the time for operational leaders to step up to the stage and become a linchpin in achieving company profitability and growth goals. Sound operations management transcends daily business requirements and builds competitive advantage. This is a much bigger vision than just being a cost-effective business enabler. It requires forward, innovative thinking and agile response to rapidly changing markets, technologies and global cost structures.

Our global operations practice connects clients’ strategies with execution. We start with the premise that operations can and should be a strategic asset, and we bring the industry, functional and technology depth required to rapidly close the gap between ideas and results. Whether it’s innovating to drive growth, strategically reducing costs, improving operational flexibility, managing risk, improving capital efficiency, complying with complex regulatory requirements or realizing deal value, we have what it takes to be your partner of choice.

We can help you with:

Operations strategy and transformation

We’ll work with you to help design an operating model to deliver your business strategy; and then make that operating model a reality. Business growth and profitability goals are the guiding beacon. Insight is drawn from a variety of lenses: customers, processes, technology, information, structure and people. Implementation is collaborative, multi-dimensional and driven to produce rapid results. Our deep industry and multi-functional experience will help deliver complete answers to the most complex business issues you’re facing.

Procurement and sourcing

We’ll help you transform procurement into a strategic, commercially focused function with strong, cross-enterprise linkages and financial impact. We bring the analytical skills and category experience to rapidly identify and realize cost savings while also improving service levels and mitigating risk. We also guide clients through decision and implementation of mission-critical outsourced or shared services and capital programs. Robust contract and supplier management capabilities help make sure savings are realized, targeted service levels are achieved and risks are proactively managed.

Production and supply chain operations

We’ll help develop and implement production and supply chain strategies that balance flexibility and cost goals while delivering superior performance and competitive advantage. Through our Lean Six Sigma services, help clients achieve significant cost savings, improvements in quality and service, and instils a culture of performance measurement and continuous improvement. We help establish and implement leading, technology-enabled planning capabilities that define customer demand and align capacity across the enterprise and the extended supply chain. We help improve fulfillment of customer demand and return on inventory. In the production area, we work to improve cost, service and quality of both in-house and outsourced operations. We help improve delivery logistics (transportation, warehousing) while balancing cost and service objectives. In the often neglected area of post-sales support, we work to lower cost and increase customer satisfaction by improving field service, reverse logistics, spare parts and warranty/repair operations.

Service operations

In industries as diverse as healthcare, financial services and government, as well as the service function of product companies, we help clients deliver the desired customer experience efficiently and effectively. Customer interface, customer engagement, service delivery and back office operations are harmonized to fulfill the service mission and drive customer loyalty cost-effectively. The art and science of excellent service are enabled by our combined industry depth and understanding of leading practices like Lean Six Sigma.

Asset lifecycle management

Asset Lifecycle Management (ALM) is the end-to-end process of optimizing asset profit generation potential throughout its lifecycle. Comprehensive asset portfolio management, effective project selection and robust strategies help you deliver desired outcomes on time and on budget. Our suite of service offerings address all the stages of an asset’s lifecycle regardless of their scope, scale or industry. Drawing upon years of experience and a multitude of skill sets locally and from around the word, we ensure that your strategic needs are supported to achieve the desired asset profitability. Our Capital Projects and Enterprise Asset Management teams bring a holistic approach to ALM to get you the best return on your investment throughout your asset's life.