Client case studies | Transforming the payroll function

Our client was able to meet an aggressive mandate to consolidate and centralize payroll services using a completely new delivery model.

Client challenge

As part of a regional economic development effort, our client was mandated to modernize payroll and pension systems, more than two decades old—and centralize all payroll processing in a completely new delivery organization under tight timelines. The project represented a major organizational and cultural change—and the client quickly realized it couldn’t accomplish its mandate without help.


The client approached us to provide business transformation services to support its payroll modernization and centralization efforts. We worked closely with our client on all aspects of the new pay centre—from people and processes to technology and facilities. From the very outset of this complex project, we adapted our techniques, tools and practices to meet our client’s specific requirements and reflect how they work. We integrated our team in order to facilitate communication and knowledge sharing and achieve a successful outcome together.

Business impact

The new pay centre opened in May 2012 as part of the first phase of the consolidation and centralization project. The second expansion phase was completed in November 2013, and a third expansion is planned for 2014. By working together the agency met its mandated goal: to establish a completely new shared delivery model that would centralize and consolidate payroll services. Our client has acknowledged the tremendous contribution of our team to the success of the project, adding that the agency could not have done it alone.