Junior Mine 2014

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The junior mine sector continues in survival mode, but we’re starting to see signs that the worst may be over. In our eighth annual Junior Mine Report – which looks at the top 100 mining companies by market capitalization on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) – we’re encouraged to find that while it’s still tough for juniors today, their grit and determination may soon pay off.

Financing struggles persist, as overall juniors are having difficulty raising money to grow and sustain their operations. The top 100 raised a total of $685 million through equity financings in the 12 month period ended June 30,2014, down from $795 million a year earlier. Many have had to turn to more risky debt financing, raising $379 million through such methods during the same period.

As in previous mining cycles, the recovery usually starts with the major mining companies. Once they begin to make meaningful investments in the industry, the mid-tier and juniors will benefit. It’s a case of tides lifting all boats. We continue to stand by the juniors, the lifeblood and future of the mining industry.


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