P&C Pro

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The Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators (CCIR) and Statistics Canada have specific filing requirements that must be met by your Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance organization. Meeting these requirements is a challenge that often consumes a substantial amount of your time and resources.

We developed PricewaterhouseCoopers P&C Pro to help you fulfil your regulatory requirements more efficiently and effectively.

What is P&C Pro?
P&C Pro, created in association with Catherine MacLellan & Associates Inc., is designed to make the completion of your required regulatory filings easier.

The P&C Pro software package was designed to be simply integrated with your existing Lotus 123 (version 1997 or later) or Excel (version 7 or later) spreadsheet environment. P&C Pro requires only a basic knowledge of spreadsheets and data entry.

What it can do for you
We can help you reduce the amount of time you spend on records management. Designed to automatically manage data, P&C Pro can calculate subtotals, totals and ratios, efficiently combine two separate pieces of data, and copy or import directly from other Excel or Lotus files.

To ensure the accuracy of your documents, P&C Pro provides an extensive crosscheck report indicating the difference between two amounts. It allows you to view two different pages of a return on the screen simultaneously and facilitates last minute changes to data.

P&C Pro also includes a diskette-generating feature, a Validation Report and a Diskette Transmittal Form to file with regulators who request diskettes.

Learn more about the benefits of using P&C Pro by visiting the PwC Pro Web site.