Insurance EyeOpener webcasts

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The PwC Insurance EyeOpener is an informative event designed to educate those in the industry about key trends affecting insurers. Each quarter, our insurance industry professionals discuss a variety of topics, from overviews of the general market to technical issues.

Each edition includes audio along with the accompanying slides. Click on one of the titles below to listen.

Insurance Modernization: The broad business impact
Proposals by the IASB and FASB for insurance contract accounting, regulatory developments and G-SII and non-banking SIFI designations, are compelling insurance companies to re-evaluate all aspects of their business model and operations.

High profits, high stakes: The future of insurance companies in wealth management
This Insurance EyeOpener, High profits, high stakes: The future of insurance companies in wealth management discusses the issues insurers will need to evaluate their strategy.

Webcast: Challenges for Canadian innovation - Are we keeping pace globally?
This Insurance Club EyeOpener, Challenges for Canadian innovation - Are we keeping pace globally?, discussed key areas of focus for Canadian insurers, such as leadership, operations and support structure.

Webcast: Insurance Contracts – IFRS 4 Revised Exposure Draft
This Insurance EyeOpener IFRS 4 Revised Exposure Draft examines how the requirements in the measurement model fit together and how the proposed standard will impact their financial statements.

Webcast: Navigating the regulatory matrix - OSFI Corporate Governance Guidelines
Despite the fact that Canadian insurance companies have not experienced many of the same issues as their global counterparts, the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) remains focused on continuously improving corporate governance practices.

Webcast: Getting it right – Becoming consumer-centric
This Insurance Club EyeOpener session discusses the challenges, implications and success factors of effective consumer-centric strategies.

Webcast: Insurance M&A - Eat or be eaten?
This Insurance EyeOpener session discusses our perspectives and experience with insurance M&As, what to expect for 2012 and key considerations for insurance dealmakers.

Webcast: The Direct Distribution Dilemma
Listen to this PwC Insurance EyeOpener as we discuss the benefits of a multi-channel sales and delivery model that will allow life insurers to compete in a mature market.

Webcast: The Future of Insurance 2020
Listen to this PwC Insurance EyeOpener as we share highlights from our current research on Project Blue: The Future of Insurance.

Webcast: Regulatory capital for insurance – A changing environment
Watch this PwC Insurance EyeOpener as we share our international experiences by discussing learnings and influences from Solvency II.

Claims Transformation
This PwC Insurance EyeOpener Webcast addresses Canadian claims transformation trends, transformation models and approaches as well as the challenges involved.

Total tax contribution and corporate social responsibility of insurance companies
Panelists in this PwC Insurance EyeOpener webcast talk about the main issues regarding total tax contribution, sustainability strategies, the environment and how they relate to the insurance industry.