Vision to Reality 2015

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    Influence. Inspire. Innovate

    Our Vision to Reality program is tailored to companies with extraordinary vision. It brings together entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, venture capitalists, key decision makers and influencers to collaborate on how to build an innovative ecosystem that pushes Canadian business of all sizes to be global leaders.

    The program is broken down into three main initiatives that together, provide the opportunity for the community to share their perspectives, inspire growth and recognize success.


    Our report outlines of the challenges and opportunities facing Canada’s emerging sector, as identified by its leaders who share their insights through our survey.


    Bringing together entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, VCs and influencers to share perspectives and collaborate on how innovation can—and is—reshaping the Canadian market in new and unexpected ways.


    Our awards program celebrates dynamic Canadian companies that have demonstrated excellence in innovation.


    Sponsors benefit from a wide array of opportunities to promote and position their company within this dynamic sector and engage with the audience in a unique way.

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