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What are the key enabling components?

Part 2: Infrastructure speed

To measure the rate of improvement in key enabling technologies, the first part of PwC's four-part Mobile Innovations Forecast framework, we developed the Mobile Technologies Index, a broad composite of seven enabling components that underlie the power of the mobile device to sense, analyze, store and connect information. The seven components will be explored in periodic articles in the months ahead. Please download the latest component article, on infrastructure speed, by clicking the "dowload" button on the right.

To read past articles, please click on the links below:

Part 1: Device connectivity speed (256 KB)
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Check back soon for future articles on these components:

  • Processor speed
  • Memory
  • Storage
  • Image sensor
  • Display
  • Operating systems*
    *Not included in the index but a key enabler of mobile innovation -- will also be examined in a later article