B.C. Techmap™

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The B.C. Techmap™, which for 15 years has charted the genealogy and history of British Columbia’s Technology industry, has entered into the future.

2012 BC Techmap

Brand new B.C. Techmap™ in 2012

2003 BC Techmap

B.C. Techmap™ in 2003

1997 BC Techmap

B.C. Techmap™ first launched in 1997

In 2012, the PwC B.C. Techmap™ went digital and interactive for the first time in its 15 year history. First produced in 1997, it was subsequently released in 2003.

Laid out as an interactive map, users can now enjoy an unparalleled look at the interrelationships of technology, tech companies and their people in British Columbia. You can socially share the interactive map and filter by company sectors to search for specific BC technology companies.

Come view the innovative PwC B.C. Techmap™ at www.pwctechmaps.com. Please upgrade your browser to any of the compatible browsers mentioned below in order to gain access to the interactive web based site:

  • Google Chrome
  • IE9
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Order a print copy of the map! You can now order a printed version of the PwC B.C. Techmap™ online.