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Expert Access is a seminar series designed to help finance professionals increase their knowledge and understanding of the critical issues and opportunities. On this page you will find a collection of presentations from past events, which are available for you to download.

Export Controls - June 20, 2012
This seminar identifies export control issues that you may encounter as you expand outside of Canada. As emerging companies enter the global market, they need to make sure they are complying with Canadian export control laws. Non-compliance can result in lost sales, contract penalties, loss of access to parts and technology, negative publicity, and fines or imprisonment.

Export Controls Export Controls
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Financing for Tech Companies – May 29, 2012
Financing alternatives for private companies are beginning to rebound in the deal market. This session provided a briefing on how to successfully position your company for strategic financing. Topics covered included: Current fund-raising and M&A trends in Canada; the financing /sale process; deal structuring; preparing for due diligence; and other hot topics, tips and traps.

Financing for Tech Companies Financing for Tech Companies
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SR&ED and OIDMTC – April 19, 2012
What does use of the SR&ED (Scientific Research & Experimental Development) Claim Manual mean to you? In this seminar we update and explore in more detail, the key aspects and effects on your SR&ED claims. We also review the latest changes to SR&ED legislation and administrative practices from both a federal and provincial perspective.

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Revenue Recognition – March 21, 2012
Revenue recognition continues to be one of the most complex areas of accounting. It is critical that the finance team have a solid understanding of the accounting guidance in order to apply the rules appropriately and make informed decisions that will benefit the company. This seminar will refresh the basics of revenue recognition, focusing on the latest updates and providing practical guidance to those involved in determining how revenue should be recognized.

Revenue Recognition Revenue Recognition
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Stock based compensation – February 8, 2012
Stock based compensation is an integral component of the employee and executive compensation packages at most emerging technology companies. However, accounting for stock options under the new GAAP requirements is complex and the tax implications of options are diverse. This seminar will help you understand the accounting and disclosure requirements of CICA 3870 and IFRS 2, outline the tax implications of granting and exercising stock options, provide guidance when measuring the value of your company's stock options and help you understand the accounting implications of modifying or re-pricing your current stock options.

Stock based compensation Stock based compensation
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Tax Accounting 201 (8-Dec-2011)
Presenters: Darren Speake and Ernesto Basso
This session provided an update on complicated tax accounting issues under both the US GAAP and IFRS, and provided a refresher on certain advanced tax accounting areas such as accounting for R&D tax credits.

Tax Accounting 201 Tax Accounting 201
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Accounting for Tech Companies (9-Nov-2011)
Presenters: Peter Matutat and Tom Casey
This seminar addressed significant accounting issues that impact emerging technology companies including financial instruments, equity instruments, stock based compensation, key differences between Canadian and U.S. GAAP and IFRS, and other hot topics.

Accounting for Tech Companies Accounting for Tech Companies
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Expanding to the US (12-Oct-2011)
Presenter: Melanie Kurk
This seminar addressed U.S. tax and business issues that can affect your company, including vehicles for undertaking U.S. expansion and common pitfalls to avoid.

Expanding to the US Expanding to the US
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Tax Accounting 101 (14-Sep-2011)
Presenters: Darren Speake and Ernesto Basso
This seminar provided a refresher on basic deferred tax accounting and highlighted some common issues encountered by Canadian technology companies including R&D tax credits.

Tax Accounting 101 Tax Accounting 101
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