Total Retail 2015


Retailing in an age
of disruption


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Retail today is more complex than ever before. The shopping journey has become a ‘choose your own adventure’ experience for consumers, one that might involve engaging with a retailer across multiple channels before making a purchase—a purchase that can be influenced, not just by advertising, but also by social media networks, third-party pricing apps and other innovative technologies.

Our Total Retail Survey asked consumers from around the world for their opinions on the trends affecting their retail experience, from technology and social media to the evolution of bricks and mortar stores. Over 19,000 respondents from 19 territories participated in the survey, including 1,000 from Canada.

In this report, we highlight three main disruptors affecting the industry today. To understand the complex challenges and the importance of creating customer-centric strategies faced by Canadian retailers, they must address these disruptors head on if they are to thrive in an anytime, anywhere retail environment.


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