Real Estate Valuations

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Helping you assess the value of developed and undeveloped properties

Property valuations are playing a large role for Canadian real estate companies, especially since the advent of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Valuations of both developed and undeveloped property are required in the real estate industry for many different reasons. These include:

  • Transactions (i.e. acquisitions, dispositions, privatizations, restructurings and estates valuations)
  • Audit support in the preparation of balance sheets and financial reports (i.e. impairment tests, valuations according to IFRS)
  • Financing of Real Estate
  • Tax optimization
  • Insolvencies, liquidations
  • Valuations for insurance purposes

How PwC can help

We offer real estate valuation training and assistance on appraisal processes/ procedures, e.g. valuation methodologies, scope of work, highest and best use, and types of ownership interests. Our risk assessment services are provided in the form of stress testing tools.

For market value opinions, we can provide reports and analysis that will include:

  • Plausibility checks
  • Market analysis
  • Examination of yield and rental rates
  • Calculation of construction or demolition costs
  • Site analysis
  • Financial due diligence

In valuation administration, we manage the appraisal process on your behalf. This includes assisting you in selecting and engaging a third-party appraisal firm, co-ordinating the flow of information between you and the appraiser(s), performing appraisal reviews and resubmitting to third-party appraiser(s), and reporting final value.