Government and the Global CEO: Delivering outcomes, creating value

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Dealing with fiscal deficits and making government affordable

Working together for a stronger nation

Harnessing the power of digital technologies

As the world tries to cope with rising tensions, we remain optimistic that together business and government can deliver what citizens really want by putting good growth and good jobs at the heart of the purpose and mission of public bodies.

The 18th Annual Global CEO Survey looks at the impact of global megatrends and how successful competitors are moving towards a focus on outcomes: helping customers, suppliers and partners, as well as wider society, achieve desired goals by harnessing the power of digital technology and talent diversity and adaptability.

This report looks at CEO confidence, concerns and opportunities for growth. It then sets out businesses’ priorities for government, and discusses how public bodies can:

  • Become more affordable, through a focus on sustainable cost reduction
  • Rise to the digital challenge, improving productivity and outcomes
  • Invest in growth, particularly skills and infrastructure
  • Collaborate with business, delivering societal outcomes
  • Reduce business burdens, adopting smarter approaches to regulation and tax

The themes in PwC Global’s report: Government & the Global CEO: Delivering outcomes, creating value resonate with many of the issues, challenges and opportunities facing Canada’s public sector and we have outlined some thoughts from our team in these videos.