Why CIOs need to be ahead of the game

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Developing a cloud strategy

Canadian governments and public sector agencies across the country are driven by new economic realities to reduce deficits and debt, as well as maintain or improve customer service. What’s more, CIOs are asked to find new ways to adopt technology innovations to enhance service delivery and increase citizen and business satisfaction.

The key to having cloud be a value-added part of your organizational framework is to develop a sound strategy at the outset. Today’s business leaders are increasingly using the cloud to transform their capabilities and gain business agility and competitive advantage. But what are the implications for public sector agencies and government organizations? And what should public sector CIOs consider when preparing for this dynamic business trend?

This paper is designed to help you on your journey as you select and develop your cloud solution by:

  • Explaining cloud computing and the various deployment and service models
  • Highlighting the implications of cloud on the public sector (perceived barriers and benefits)
  • Reviewing the public sector experience to date in various jurisdictions around the world
  • Outlining an approach to developing a cloud computing strategy

Download this paper to learn more about implementing a strategic approach to cloud computing.