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Presidents' perspective: trends in higher education
Today’s students are driving rapid change in the world of higher education, so we took a look at the landscape and asked industry leaders how they're responding to the changing needs.

Getting more with less: Using technology in public sector procurement
Citizens are demanding more transparency and better service delivery from public sector organizations. Modernizing your procurement function can be one of the most strategic ways to cut costs while increasing efficiency and transparency.

Education matters: Seventh edition
Creating possibilities: Benefits of the cloud for educational institutions.

Education matters: Sixth edition
To be seen as leading institutions, and attract top talent from around the globe, Canadian educational institutions need to be agile and distinctive.

Education Matters Fifth Edition – Fall 2014
Canada’s one of the world’s top education performers. But one of our greatest challenges is to continue providing high quality service, while meeting increasing budgetary restraints and increasing demands.

Education matters: Spring 2014
Technology is changing the way we interact, learn and work. All sectors are being faced with the challenge of disruptive technology, and are seeking ways to adapt.

The connected classroom - How Canadians see the evolution of education
Education is the route to developing productive people, strong economies and healthier societies. Just like in other sectors, technology is changing the way services are delivered.

Better data, better decisions - The case for independent enterprise data management
Governments, public sector agencies and corporations alike hunger for consistent, credible and trustworthy data.

Education matters: Winter 2014
In this issue of Education Matters, we explore how colleges, universities and school boards in Canada are continually trying to find ways to do more with less.

Education Matters: Fall 2013 issue
In this issue of Education Matters, we explore the challenges leaders in education face and how a strong internal audit function can help address those issues.

Education Matters: Spring 2013 issue
With increasing student expectations and declining funding, post-secondary institutions must find ways to get the most from their spending dollars. This publication provides ideas to transform how colleges and universities operate.

Results-based Budgeting: Delivering Results Responsibly
Learn ten preliminary observations on what has worked well in Results-based Budgeting approaches and what you may want to consider for the future.

Government and the Global CEO: Delivering outcomes, creating value
Together with our private sector CEOs we have looked to the future and focused on how fundamental external forces of change such as technology and demographics are reshaping their businesses.

Public sector: Why CIOs need to be ahead of the game – Developing a cloud strategy
Public sector CIOs cannot afford to think of cloud computing strictly as a better IT solution. When strategically evaluated for risks and returns, and then carefully implemented and well-managed over time, cloud computing can go beyond cost savings.

Preparing for the future: How can Canada’s higher educational institutions stay competitive?
With increasing student expectations and declining funding, post-secondary institutions must find ways to get the most from their spending dollars. This publication provides ideas to transform how colleges and universities operate.

Reducing the Footprint: A new model for delivering government services
Achieving large-scale transformation isn’t solely about who you change, it’s about how you change. Ellen Corkery-Dooher, Beth James and Roger de Montfort explore business models that can help governments get there.

Changes in financial reporting requirements for Canada’s not-for-profit organizations
This article discusses what directors need to know about new accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations issued by the Canadian Accounting Standards Board in December 2010.

A Matter of Primary Importance: Making the Most of Audit Committees in Primary and Secondary Education Institutions
This paper sets out a series of leading and emerging practices to assist school boards and other education institutions establish and implement effective audit committees.

Tax Alert for Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs)
The following article discusses the impact of the Canadian Revenue Agency’s (CRA) new tax-exempt status on non-profit organizations and their boards of directors.

Back to the Future: Government, Financial Institutions and the Global Financial Crisis
Launched on November 12th, 2009, this UK-based report shifts attention from struggling global financial institutions to their governments and their role in addressing global and systemic risks.

Financing the Future
This article by PwC’s Shamshad Madhok describes how government funding and financing from the private sector is needed to revitalize infrastructure in Canada.